10 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Make Love Every Day

10 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Make Love Every Day

Sex is not merely for physical pleasure but it involves benefits other than that. There have been a lot of scientific studies on this subject and many health benefits, both physical and mental, have been noted. In almost every such study which used healthy participants, it was inferred that making love at least thrice a week makes one healthier, look younger and have a longer life.

Mae West suggests, “Sex is an emotion in motion. And one couldn’t agree more. The health benefits of the action are numerous and are often underrated. Only seen as something consecutive to love or marriage or other similar constructs, often people hardly know about the kind of incredible it can make one feel. Also, it is not merely about the way someone feels in general, but also about themselves. I have had friends with body image issues suggesting that they felt more confident about their bodies post-sex since it made them feel desired, and able of being attractive. However, note that it is not the prime marker or the only tab to validate your body.

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In the same line of thought is the idea that making love with the one you are emotionally as well as physically at ease with, relieves a lot of stress, brings you closer, and if it is merely a casual thing, then too it brings about many other positive effects. Here is a list of ten reasons as to why one should make love every day and the list is exhaustively reported by researchers:

1) It helps drop stress levels:

With sexual intercourse, dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin are produced and these are responsible for making you happy and relaxed. So, go for that post-work sex to unwind!

2) It is a fun exercise:

For all those lazy bums, sex can prove to be an enjoyable work out. It works this way: It increases your heart rate, hence the breathing and that helps burn calories. ’Sex is a really great form of exercise,says Joseph J. Pinzone, md, Ceo And Medical Director Of Amai Wellness. ‘Like with exercise, consistency helps maximize the benefits.

3) Immune system is enhance:

Researchers at Wilkes University, Pennsylvania, suggest that students who make love a couple of times in a week, have a more production of antibodies and hence, better immune system than those who don’t. “Sexual intercourse releases antigens like immunoglobulin A, which can prevent the common cold or flu.

4) Lowers blood pressure:

Any form of physical intimacy can lower the levels of blood pressure.

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5) It improves heart health:

It is established earlier that sexual activity increases heart rate and helps burn calories which in turn keeps the heart healthy. A study done in the New England Research Institute stated  that men who have sex regularly have 45% less chances  to develop cardiovascular diseases.

6) It offers pain relief:

If you have many kinds of aches, sex is better than most pills. Arthritis specialist Dr. George Erlich discovered that his patients who had regular sex felt less pain than those who didn’t.

7) It helps maintain a regular period cycle:

Instability of the period cycle has a lot to do with stress and therefore, sex can be the answer.

8) It helps build stronger pelvic muscles, and quads, back and core muscles.

9) It reduces chances of cancer:

Here the main reference is to prostate cancer.

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10) It makes you sleep better:

Since sex is a fun exercise, it relaxes the body like it happens post exercise and makes you sleep better. Also, male ejaculation causes lethargy, which is why men are very sleepy after sex. ‘After orgasm, the hormone prolactin is released,’ says Sheenie Ambardar, MD a psychiatrist in West Hollywood, California, ‘which is responsible for the feelings of relaxation and sleepiness after sex.

Well, all this and Woody Allen’s words of wisdom, “Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing” proves this article’s main idea. For more, go check for yourself.

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