12 Sensual Zones In A Woman’s Body Every Man Needs To Know

12 Sensual Zones In A Woman’s Body Every Man Needs To Know

There are many different erogenous areas in a woman’s body that can set her on fire when you’re making love to her.

Keep reading to find out which spots are the most pleasurable for her.

1. Vagina


The vagina is indeed a thing of beauty and a joy forever. It has the strength and the elasticity to push out a whole human being and also the power to reduce a woman to a puddle if touched right. Be slow and sensual and try to hit the right spots like her clitoris and her G-spot.

2. Ears


A woman’s ears have a lot to offer by way of pleasure. You can softly blow on her ears, tease the ear lobe, and even use your tongue, to make her feel good.

3. Calves


There are quite a few people who like to get kinky with foot play but the calves require attention to and they often don’t get it. Try gently stroking her calves and you’ll be very pleased with the results.

4. Lips


No woman can resist a fantastic kisser. There are a lot of nerve endings in the lips that are extremely sensitive which is why kisses feel so good.

5. Clitoris


A little bundle of nerves created just to give pleasure, the clitoris is incredibly sensitive and if you find it, it can be used to stimulate her nothing else can.

6. Stomach


The genitalia are right below it so the stomach is pretty sensitive too. All you need is a few fingers to get a few moans out of her.

7. Nape


Another area full of nerve endings, a sensual caress there with your hands, your lips or your tongue can give her goose bumps.

8. Inner thighs

Inner Thighs

Since it’s so close to her sex organs, the sensitivity of this area is heightened. Indulge in some teasing around this area when you’re in the middle of foreplay.

9. Lower back

Lower Back

Massaging someone’s back is always relaxing for them. In a woman’s case, it will also soothe her pelvis and improve the act of sex.

10. Neck


A little biting, kissing and licking on the neck will never go wrong and she’ll thank you for it, even if you do end up leaving some tell-tale hickeys.

11. Breasts


Playing with her breasts can stimulate her enough for oxytocin to be released. This will of course make her feel amazing and she’ll be ready to return the favor.

12. Butt


Again a very intense pleasure zone, it plays a huge role in men’s fantasies. You don’t need to go as far as anal sex, just use your hands, fingers and mouth to give her a good time.

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