19 Guys Confess Exactly What Words Will Make Them Climax Faster In Bed

19 Guys Confess Exactly What Words Will Make Them Climax Faster In Bed

Believe it or not, after a while, sex gets pretty boring. Life is too stressful for couples to enjoy steamy intimate times. Guys prefer to climax faster in bed but for that to happen, they like hearing certain words. Many men wish for some great time but their partners are either exhausted or drunk to participate.

So these men masturbate to porn or other fantasies before going to bed.

1. Nick


I really enjoy when a girl moans quite a lot in bed. It doesn’t have to be too crazy like shouting but a passionate moan really excites me.

2. Andrew


I love when a girl bites me. Be it my earlobes, neck or chest, as soon as a girl starts nibbling, I get aroused.

3. Devin

pay attention to my balls

I appreciate when women pay attention to my balls while giving a blowjob or during sex. Most of the time balls get neglected, but a slight touch is enough to excite a guy.

4. Jess


I love some lip-biting. When a girl is on top of me and she bites my lip, it feels great!

5. Dante

when I am on top

I climax faster when I am on top. Probably it’s a dominance thing but I love staring into my lover’s eyes during sex.

6. Louis

a girl is on top and she twerks

I go crazy when a girl gets on top of me and twerks on my penis.

7. Michael

Call me “daddy.”

I have a huge “daddy” kink. People often think it’s weird but call me “daddy” once and I am a goner.

8. Greg

dirty talk

Dirty talk really gets me going during sex. I love calling names and saying inappropriate things just for fun. I always let the women know beforehand about it to not take it seriously.

9. Samuel

Take your top off when you’re on top

I love when a girl takes her top off when she’s on top. I climax hard when I see a girl’s boobs bouncing.

10. Jack

I love when it’s passionate

Passionate sex with lot of kissing and touching is my thing.

11. Kevin

a girl breathes in my ear

I climax real fast when a girl breathes near my ear during sex.

12. Pablo

a girl tells me “don’t stop” or “keep going” or “harder.”

Nothing is more arousing than when a girl says “harder” or “don’t stop”. It makes me climax faster.

13. Frankie

“come inside me.”

I love when a girl asks me to come inside her. I always make sure she’s on the pill though.

14. Billy

When they scratch me

It’s sexy when a girl gets dominant like pin my arms or scratch up my back.

15. Jason

Quote a sex scene or popular words from one of my favorite movies

If a girl quotes a sex scene or famous lines from my favorite movies, it makes me climax hard.

16. Adam

when my partner takes charge in the bedroom

I enjoy when my partner is in control. Turns me on real fast.

17. Steven

when a girl uses toys or whipped cream

I love when girls bring toys or food to spice things up.

18. Domenick

hot, massage, oils

I get aroused when a guy massages me with hot oils.

19. Brian

“Cum for me.”

When my partner whispers “cum for me”, that does it for me.

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