These Bed Positions Will Definitely Blow His Mind And Destroy His Penis!

These Bed Positions Will Definitely Blow His Mind And Destroy His Penis!

Everyone likes to be innovative in bed. And so we are always on the lookout for the hot new sex position we can try with our partners. But some of them come with perils of their own.

So if you want to avoid a world of pain stay away or at least be careful with the following:

1. Doggy-

Doggy style

Though this is the most famous and preferred position across culture and age groups, doggy style is in fact quite dangerous. The position makes your penis very prone to fracturing, don’t believe us? Google it. Also, you have to be very careful about your angle of entry or the pain of torn skin would be your reward.

2. 69-


Another very popular but equally dangerous position. If you lose your balance even by the slightest, you might get a black eye for all your efforts, and that’s no pleasure at all.

3. Reverse cowgirl-

Reverse Cowgirl

This is considered to be one of the more adventurous and fun positions, but this too comes with its own perils. There is again a very high probability of penile fracture because of the angle of the penis to the vagina.

4. The countertop-

The Eager Chef

Thanks to multiple Hollywood productions, having sex on any available surface is a fantasy now. But doing it on the counter might end up a little off the mark, as it is very hard to aim and many a man’s junk have completely lost their target while trying to maneuver this position.

5. The yoga sex-

The Swiss Ball Blitz

Getting it on top of a yoga ball is all fun and bouncy till the penis exits the vagina completely and the next thrust fractures it because of bad angles.

6. The pogo stick-

The Pogo stick

First of all, don’t think of attempting this unless you are muscular enough to carry a full grown woman. Even if you are the hunk, losing your balance would be fatal for you, your partner and whatever mood you managed to muster till the great fall.

7. Butter Churner-

The Butter Churner

If the visual isn’t enough to scare you off this particular position, let me paint you a verbal picture where every thrust brings you closer to a severe neck injury.

8. The lap dance-

The Lap Dance

This is one position which is best left for the professionals. Because if the woman is not able to balance herself, she might suffer from serious injuries like a busted head. Not something that you should decide to try in the heat of the moment. Make sure that you have something to support yourself before you get adventurous.

9. The Randy raft-

The Randy Raft

You might have managed to bag a perfectly private swimming pool, but that’s not the only qualification that matters for this position. Unless you are an expert swimmer, try to stay as far away from trying this as possible.

10. The Raspberry Beret

These Bed Positions Will Definitely Blow His Mind And Destroy His Penis!

Lots of men will tell you, they like it when you “go in through the out door.” So next time you get frisky, consider sticking a pinky in your mans’ anus. To increase stimulation, have your man lie down on a cement floor, effectively mashing his erection into the ground. Penis: obliterated.

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