7 Body Spots Your Man Secretly Wants You To Touch While In A Relationship

7 Body Spots Your Man Secretly Wants You To Touch While In A Relationship

More often than not, guys are rather shy when it comes to letting their partners know where and how they like to be touched. Since most guys lean towards not being vocal about their likes and dislikes, it can be hard to figure out what they like, other than the most obvious thing. Women may find it difficult to make their guys happy simply by doing that one special thing, but there are, in fact, quite a few erogenous zones on a man’s body.

If you don’t know what they are, but would like to find out, then what are you waiting for? Read on satisfy your curiosity right now!

1. The face

The face

This may seem like an obvious place to touch, but most women tend to overlook it. The face is a very sensitive part of a man’s body, so they usually love feeling the warmth of their partner’s touch on their faces. Websites like Beautyandtips.com also note how important it is to stop to touch your man’s face from time to time.

2. The back

The back

Most men love being touched on the back. One man admitted that he liked it when women touched his back on yourtango.com and noted that it felt especially nice when his girlfriend touched the base of his spine gently.

3. The back of the neck

back of the neck

This is a very sensitive spot, and you absolutely cannot go wrong with this one. Websites like makehimyours.com.au notes that men love it when their girlfriends give them neck massages. It is the perfect way to unwind.

4. The knees

The knees

Cosmopolitan says that touching the knees is a great idea, especially after or during an argument. The knees are a neutral zone in the body and touching it doesn’t feel as invasive as touching the legs or the arm. It also helps to just blow things over.

5. The ears

The ears

One of the top erogenous zones of the body, the ears are a great way to turn on your man. WikiHow agrees that simply by going for the ears, you can put your man in the mood without even having to try hard.

6. The shoulders

The shoulders

When you are trying to get the attention of your boyfriend, and make him snap out of an argument, the best way to do it is by touching his shoulder. When you do that, it instantly focuses his attention on your and brings him out of the heat of the moment. It helps to remind the both of you of the bond that you share and essentially acts like a pause button for the brain.

7. The hands

The hands

Touching the hands can be a very sensual gesture even though it is a very simple one. It can have several meanings – from a friendly greeting to a solemn promise, hand holding can signify deep friendships as well as a romantic relationship. Beautyandtips.com says that patting the hands of your partner gently can be very sensual even though it is a very innocent gesture.


These things might not be obvious to a lot of people since men are mostly not vocal about their desires, but hopefully, this article will help to clear things up!

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