5 Truths Of Dating Someone Younger

5 Truths Of Dating Someone Younger

Age, colour, religion, boundaries are just words when someone means a lot to you. Love is an emotion which can never be fully explained. For some people it’s sitting at a coffee shop and discussing life whereas for some, it’s sharing silence. Ultimately it’s truly and honesty the feeling of peace that dawns upon your heart when you’re with a certain someone. That’s how you know.

Love is not a mathematical process and nobody on this planet can exactly explain or identify love. If it’s true, you’ll feel it. A lot celebrities and people, as a matter of fact, have dated and married people younger than them. To name a few- Susan Sarandon & Jonathan Bricklin, Madonna & Jesus Luz, Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart and many others. There are a lot of things that you’ll hear if you’re dating someone younger to you. A lot of it is bullshit and the rest are myths.

To know the 5 ultimate truths of dating someone younger, continue reading!

1. Let Them Live In Peace

Let Them Live In Peace

While dating someone younger you’ll get to hear rather absurd things. Most people don’t realize that things that they say ‘casually’ are really hurtful at times. Don’t let it get to you. If you love someone and they love you back with the same intensity and respect then that’s what truly matters. So don’t let people cage you down with their opinions.

2. Your Bond Is Important

Your Bond Is Important

There are going to be a lot of incidences when the age difference factor will stare straight at your face. Maybe when you’ll see old pictures, or maybe when you click pictures and you realize that the age difference is pretty visible in them. But how does that make any difference? There are more important things to focus on. For example, how you forget that you’re allowed to act like a kid in front of them even when you’re a high functioning adult. Or maybe one of you’ll become an adult while resolving fights. Dating someone younger has its own perks.

3. It’s Tough

It’s Tough

Yes. The reality does remain that dating someone younger than you is tough. But hey! Dating anyone in general is tough too. It’s just that the challenges are different. You’ll have to give yourself a reality-check every once in a while to be sure that you’re not being kiddish enough to not make improper decisions and running away from your responsibilities.

4. The Balance

The Balance

Dating someone younger can help you balance things better. You’ll be allowed to a kid on certain days just like how you’ll be allowed to be an adult who takes charge on other days.

5. Maturity Factor

Maturity Factor

This is the most important aspect of a relationship. You can date someone of your age but if they aren’t able to understand the value and responsibility of the relationship, it’s going to fall apart. Once again, age is just a number.

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