Here’s How Excessive Masturbation Can Affect Your Health And Sexual Life

Here’s How Excessive Masturbation Can Affect Your Health And Sexual Life

We have all been there; when the urges for arousal call, even the strongest of them all, fall. There have been myths, rumours and facts associated with “self-help” enough to fill a book. But how many of us actually know the advantages or disadvantages of masturbation?

Not many. So let’s change that. Read on to find about some of the pros and cons of masturbation.

Let’s look at some of the pros first:

1) It is a safe and actually beneficial way of exploring your body.

exploring your body

Most of us find our sexual awakenings by yourself through masturbation. Besides it is a good, safe and socially harmless outlet for sexual frustration. Regulars say it helps them sleep better at night and boosts their mood.

2) It has also been correlated to better sexual prowess among men.

sexual prowess among men

It is also one of the first ways people come to terms with their needs and wants; and also come to encounter their fetishes and kinks. It helps them get to know their body’s jams a bit better and in the process result in better sex, because they are able to articulate what they want better.

3) Researchers in Australia recently found out a decrease in the risk of prostate cancer among men who are regular masturbators.

prostate cancer

Although the correlation is cryptic, the difference was marked. Among women, especially during PMS, masturbation is known to decrease the intensity of really bad cramps. The sexual release is just a bonus.

Since we have put aside the rosy parts, let’s look at some of the bad news that masturbation brings.

1) The most common and most important: desensitisation.


Your genitals get so used to your own touch that when other people start doing things to them, you just don’t seem to get your juices flowing (quite literally).

2) It can get addictive.

It can get addictive

It has taken the form of a sleeping ritual for some people and is a common topic among therapists and psychoanalysts.

3) Thanks to the society we live in, which hasn’t outgrown its Puritan roots yet, many of us still associate a certain amount of guilt with pleasure, especially if it’s a consequence of self-help.

guilt with pleasure

People associate it with utmost secrecy and guilt as practitioners are shamed into stopping, and consequently fall into sexuality related depression.

4) There has also been a correlation of reduced libido to masturbation.

correlation of reduced libido to masturbation

This is because of the same accustoming we were talking about. The sex organs are slaves of habit and once they get accustomed to your touch, orgasming from sexual contact with someone else will become very difficult.

In conclusion, it must be said that though it is a safe outlet for sexual appetite and that there is nothing to be ashamed about, it still does have side effects. Keep those in mind and keep yourself healthy.

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