Want to Make a Woman Go Crazy? Then Touch THESE 9 Places!

Want to Make a Woman Go Crazy? Then Touch THESE 9 Places!

Hey! I bet you all know those three parts of the woman’s body that are most sensitive. Yeah, those areas that you can touch and drive her wild. Sure you do. Well, I bet, no matter what you said, you would be wrong. In fact, there are 9 places, excluding the obvious three, that when touched will make a woman go crazy! Check this out!

1.Her Hair

Women love to get their hair done. They sometimes travel for many miles to visit the perfect hair salon where familiar hands can work their magic. But It’s not just about achieving the latest style or going for a complete transformation, no. Sometimes a woman loves to have her head massaged and roving hands pull gently on her hair. Try doing these things in bed, and and watch your woman make some of the same sensual noises as when you touch her….well, you know where.

loves to have her head massaged

2.Her hands

Holding hands is sweet. Most people feel a real connection when enjoying this innocent gesture. Guess what! The hands not only do many things during intimacy, they also enjoy inimate touch as well. If you are out in public with your special someone, try tracing her palms and lightly caressing each finger. You might be surprised by how excited she will be when you get back home.

Tonight I’ll Do Anything You Want!

3.Her ears

I can attest to this one. I absolutely love having my ears….well, anyway. I bet you had no clue that most women love attention to their earlobes. I guess not. Well, now you know. As long as you don’t stick your tongue down into her ear, you are doing fine. Just trace the earlobe and nibble. This will drive her mad.

4.Behind her knees

This is also a surprising area that gets her going. In public, try rubbing behind her knees and watch her eyes light up. It’s an extremely sensitive area and often neglected.

5.Her Pelvis

Now, I’m not talking about the vagina here. What I am referring to is all the areas surrounding her womanhood. If you purposely avoid the vagina, yet kiss, touch and breathe upon all other areas of the pelvis, she will become overly excited. Try nibbling her thighs and licking the crease between her thigh and her vagina. Never touch the vagina, as long as you can hold out.

I Was Never an Addicted Person. But I Got Addicted to You.

6.Her lower back

Want to get her in the mood quickly? While massaging her lower back, kiss this area lightly as well. Take time to pay attention to every inch of this area and she will be putty in your hands. It works!

lower back

7.The nape of her neck

The perfect place to start during foreplay is the nape of the neck. In ancient Japan, this was considered one of the most important areas of a woman’s body, during sexual encounters that is. Never forget this area, it can be the one place that gets the fires burning.

her neck

8.Her Clavicle

Believe it or not, the clavicle is also a strange and yet sensual area of a woman’s body. Start here and end here, reminding her how it all got going. In between these moments, you can enjoy other parts of her body.

9.Her feet

Nothing helps a woman relax more than a sensual foot rub. This can also get her in the mood for more play, and in more interesting areas. Use scented oils and before you decide to suck her toes, please ask first. Some women hate this.

sensual foot rub

You Taught Me How To Feel

The best parts!

So, please, don’t focus all your energies on those three areas of a woman’s body. You know the places. If you don’t then you may be too young anyway. Pay more attention to these 9 places and she will be out of her mind. I am sure that she will be ready for round two in no time.

Go ahead, make your woman go crazy, and have fun!

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