13 Places Women Wants To Be Touched But Will Never Say

13 Places Women Wants To Be Touched But Will Never Say

The female anatomy is a complex thing. It’s been a mystery to both men and women over the years. What works and what doesn’t are questions for the generations to come. What we do know however is what the ladies want you to do to them, what they want you to touch.

Here are 13 spots on the female body that they want you to touch and caress, but will never ask you out loud.

#1. Hair


Hair is one of those no-brainers. Run your fingers through her hair and see how she relaxed she gets. Pro-tip: A relaxed woman is more likely to orgasm than one who is agitated and worried.

#2. Neck


Especially the sides of the neck, below the ears and down. Lots of nerve endings, very sensitive. There is a simple correlation between ticklish spaces and spaces that can be aroused by touch. Think about it.

#3. Ears


The earlobes are extremely sensitive regions. Nibble on them once in a while and see her writhe.

#4. The collarbone

The collarbone

Strange enough, but these regions are extremely sensitive in a woman. She would be wanting more from you every time you kiss her there.

#5. Her back

Her back

Trail kisses from her neck, to her collarbones and down her back. The spinal cavity running down her back is one that is very sensitive to the touch.

#6. The region behind her knee

The region behind her knee

Like we said, there is a correlation and a certain degree of overlapping when it comes to spaces she is ticklish at and the places she is sensitive at.

#7. Her breasts

Her breasts

Do not be all wolverine and get aggressive with them. Be gentle and treat them with utmost love and respect like you would treat her. Pro-tip: It is possible to make a woman orgasm just using her nipples. Just saying.

#8. Playing footsy

Playing footsy

It’s a thing couples do and with good reason. Feet are pretty sensitive to the touch as well. Also explains the foot-fetish phenomenon.

#9. The inner regions of her thighs

The inner regions of her thighs

This creates a very deep seated feeling of anticipation in her, as you hover with your mouth near her holiest of holies. Caress the area with your hands and kiss the regions while you are going down on her.

#10. The waist

The waist

The curves need some care of their own, brothers.

#11. Confuse her

Confuse her

Do what she doesn’t expect, kiss her where she doesn’t anticipate when she doesn’t expect it. Be quick and light at it.

#12. The palms of her hand

The palms of her hand

Grasp them tight when you two are at it. It shows respect and equality. And by god that’s a turn-on for them.

#13. Her toes

Her toes

While you go down on her, don’t just stay put, kiss her down her legs and go down to her toes. You don’t know the effect.

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