11 Amazing Ways To Satisfy The Breasts Of A Woman

11 Amazing Ways To Satisfy The Breasts Of A Woman

Considering that breasts are the most fantasized part of a female body, it is quite surprising that not many men know exactly how to give them their due.

Breasts Of A Woman

So if you are clueless on how to complement your lady’s most erogenous area, this guide is just for you.

1. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all; the approach will not be enough for this particular dilemma.

all breasts are not the same'

Different women like different things and you need to know whether your current partner liked it rough or soft.

2. Don’t make a grab for them the moment you get the green signal.

Start gently

Brush them lightly and play around the nipples a little so that you have a smooth start.

3. Being a tease will pay you off huge dividends later.

Being a tease

Try to tempt her by kissing her all over except her nipples. Always maintain eye contact, not only is it sensuous as hell, it will also help you in knowing how you are doing.

4. Want to take the tease to the next level?

Tease 2

Don’t touch them at all, no matter how bad you want to. Breathe, hot and heavy over them or murmur sweet nothings till she is begging you for her release. This is one of the best build up you can get without even touching.

5. One of the most arousing positions is when you are holding her from behind.

Young sexy naked heterosexual couple making love in bed

Plant small yet heavy kisses on her neck as you tease her breasts. The neck too is highly erogenous and your work on the breasts will be amplified thanks to this.

6. Many men think that uttering any word would instantly kill the mood.


Try to find a way to communicate with her so that you know what she likes and what she doesn’t, without completely blowing away the buzz.

7. Ultimately, she knows best what gets her going.

Let her be the teacher

So let her show you and reduce your own work. Ask her to teach you how she likes it and she’d be more than happy to show you the way.

8. Pay close attention to her body’s reactions to your foreplay.

Pay attention to her reactions and breathing

Other than the tell tale moans and heavy breathing, even the areolas can tell you about her arousal.

9. If she likes it rough, experiment with your teeth and thumbs to arouse her nipples.

Use different sensations

If she can handle it and you are ready, clamps are also an option.

10. If you want to take it to the next level then don’t fear mixing things up.

If she likes rougher play, get a little kinky

Give her a variety of sensations using silk, lace or ice cubes, whatever suits your fancy.

11. And the best aphrodisiac of all is complimenting her.

Compliment the woman

The more you praise her, the sexier she would feel and the higher her pleasure would be, it will be the same for you as well.

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