8 Signs Someone Is Jealous Of You

Jealousy is a natural, but also harmful emotion. We tend to suppress it but all that does is make our hearts even more toxic. If someone is jealous of you, their reaction can vary from self- destruction to sabotaging your happiness.

If you want to avoid all that drama, learn to recognize the signs of jealousy.

1. Praising you to your face but bad mouthing the moment your back is turned

People do that quite a lot. If someone is being all kind and appreciative all of a sudden, take it with a pinch of salt. Don’t let yourself get flattered by false facades. Be alert to know if they have been spreading/hearing rumours about you behind your back.

2. They will underplay your achievements

You just had a huge promotion, but a particular person thinks that it is no big deal. They’d make you feel bad for being jubilant about something that isn’t even that great according to their standards. Don’t let them rain on your parade. This is just their jealousy showing.

3. And overhype their own

As soon as they get something worth celebrating they will pull out all the stops. You might get confused about their double standards but it is perfectly natural. They have this inferiority complex about you, so anytime they get anything remotely good enough to brag about they will try to fluff it up so that it can match your achievements.

4. They will copy you

If you see someone copying your dressing choices or even the food you order, you have a jealousy ridden admirer at hand. They are trying to do everything you do because they obviously think that you are better and someone worth copying.

5. They are competitive and not in the nice way

It is good to be competitive, it brings out the overall standards of everyone involved. But those who are jealous will be competing with you on every step of the way, even when they are supposed to be working with you. They are also much less gracious about their winnings and can be downright cruel to others who didn’t make the cut.

6. They enjoy your step backs

They wouldn’t exactly bring out the champagne on your failures, but you will notice the way they gloat around you when you have faced recent bad times. Don’t let them get to you.

7. They have a big mouth

These people will leave no chance of bad mouthing you, especially around people who you share a good bond with. This is just another way for them to bring you down.

8. They abhor you without any reason

They are rude to you and uncooperative, even before they have come to know you properly. If a person is acting all bitchy without you having given them a reason to, chances are it is pure jealousy.

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