8 Signs A Woman Hasn’t Had Sex For A Long Time

8 Signs A Woman Hasn’t Had Sex For A Long Time

It’s 2018 and I guess it’s about that we accept the fact that females crave for sex too. Yes! It’s true. And honestly, one of the worst things to face is a dry spell (if you know what I mean). Sex for mature adult women is just like other normal activities. However, not having sex for a long time is quite a matter. It’s like, once you’ve experienced something so full of pleasure, it’s almost impossible to not want it again. And to my ladies out there, IT’S OK IF YOU CRAVE FOR SEXUAL INTIMACY (as long as there’s consent involved from both sides).

Not having sex

Even though we can’t deny that the availability of sex toys to pleasure yourself has increased, very less people can say that it’s satisfactory. The lesser known fact is that, not having sex for a long time has its effects too. It shows in your body language and your psychological condition as well, at times.

Not having sex

Here are 8 signs that indicate that a woman hasn’t had sex in a long time:

1-Low Self Esteem

Low Self Esteem

Most people don’t know that lack of sex can have a major hit on self esteem as well. Sex gives you the allowance to fully understand and feel yourself. The absence of it can actually make me you feel so about it because you miss expressing yourself to the fullest in bed. This especially happens if you have suddenly stopped having sex.

2-Sleeping Issues

Sleeping Issues

Many psychologists have come to the conclusion that lack of sex can lead to pent up stress which in turn leads to sleeping issues. It’s more ironic that thinking about sex can lead you to not wanting to have sex at all. Crazy but yeah, that’s how human psychology works.



Intake of too many medications can lead to a higher level of dry spell and leave you with not wanting to have sex at all.



Before you say “what the hell does sex have to do with my weight?” wait! And let me explain. Sex helps you in burning at least 100 calories while you’re at it. Since lack of sex can leave you feeling really lazy, it contributes to the weight gaining aspect.



Lack of sex results in development of more complex thoughts which in turn hampers your memory. This is what makes you forgetful.

6-Constant Sickness

Constant Sickness

It might sound absurd but everything in a human body is related and the result of one action may affect the other. Lack of sex contributes to haphazard sleeping patterns and sometimes even insomnia. Lack of sleep therefore leads to a lot of sickness and other health issues.

7-Less Social

Less Social

Lack of sex can make you a visible nagging and complaining person. This is why you’ll start being anti-social.



Sex has a good saying in the aging factor of human body. This is also a result of stress that it caused due to lack of sex in your life.

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