16 Important Things To Note Before You Let The Woman Stay On Top

16 Important Things To Note Before You Let The Woman Stay On Top

Cowgirl, riding, ‘my favorite position.’ Call it what you want. The position in which the woman is on top while the man or partner lies on their back or sits during intercourse is one of the most popular sex positions out there. If you are thinking of exploring the cowgirl or already consider yourself an expert, it isn’t a bad idea. However, you should learn more about its pros and cons. The cowgirl isn’t just popular, it also proves advantageous in specific situations, which we will describe in detail below.


To start with, it’s common among pregnant couples, women who recently gave birth, or men recovering from in illness or surgery, because it allows the woman to have more control and for the men to be more at ease. On the other hand, some experts have dubbed it the ‘most dangerous sex position,’ because it also puts men in a vulnerable position, one that could lead to penile fracture.

Continue reading to learn more facts about the ‘woman on top’ position.

1. One of the most popular positions amongst men

One of the most popular positions amongst men

In a study conducted by a woman’s magazine in 2014, the cowgirl position came in as the second most popular position, just after doggy style. Not only that, the cowgirl position ranks consistently high in all kinds of polls.

2. Why men love it

Why men love it

What men love the most about this position is seeing the woman on top, is that they get a clearer view and also the opportunity to use their fingers.

3. Helps the difference in sizes

Helps the difference in sizes

When you and your man are differently sized, say for example he is a bit on the heavier side, her staying on top makes the whole experience more comfortable for her.

4. Sex during pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy

This is the most comfortable position when it comes to sex during pregnancy because the depth of penetration, speed and the pressure can be controlled by the woman.

5. It is popular amongst women too

It is popular amongst women too

It is not only popular amongst men but women too. It is the third most popular position when it comes to women.

6. Empowerment

This position is often associated with empowerment, when a woman gets on top; she is no longer a lower being.

7. Some more advantages

  • Better orgasms
  • You get to set the pace
  • Better workout
  • Your hair stays in place
  • You know your angles

8. Variety

Variety is everything. This particular position comes with variations itself. You can experiment galore.

9. Stimulation is a bit more work


In this position, the penis isn’t directed at the clit so it is a little more work but it allows scope for toys and fingers.

10. Bit of a scare

Bit of a scare

The cowgirl position is one of the main causes of a penile fracture..ouch!

11. Why it happens

Why it happens

A penile fracture happens when there is too much weight on an erection.

12. Remember New Girl?

Remember New Girl?

Remember when Schmidt from New Girl thought he broke his penis?

13. Some other positions…

The cowgirl is not the only position that comes with some safety issues; the doggy position is also responsible for 29% of erectile fractures, while missionary for a whopping 30%.

14. In case of lesbian sex

In case of lesbian sex

There obviously aren’t chances of penile fracture in this case, but it is essential for you to know your body and make sure you play to your partner’s comfort levels.

15. Many women don’t like the cowgirl position

Many women don’t like the cowgirl position

Dudes get to be very passive when engaging in this position, which a lot of women find unfair. There are a lot of women who don’t enjoy this position.

16. Just be careful

Just be careful

So, that is all you need to know. Enjoy it the way you want to!

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