Things Women Want Their Man To Do While Making Love

Things Women Want Their Man To Do While Making Love

Men often complain about how understanding a woman’s needs is difficult. Here’s a hack. You can get to know her wants when you’re making love to her!

Here are 20 things women want you to do while making love to them! You’re welcome!

1. Put your hands on her cheeks when you’re passionately kissing her.

Grab her face while kissing

Women love a little care with love!

2. Don’t just confine your tongue in a kiss, take it on a walk along her neck!

Use your lips and tongue for more than just kissing

Sliding your tongue around her neck or gentle sucking is great!

3. You can mix things up and try lip-biting.

Try a LITTLE lip biting

But just bite enough to tease her. It makes her go crazy!

4. Gently tug her hair and massage her nape when you’re making out.

a LITTLE hair pulling and neck scratching

This lets her feel the passion, and that’s amazing about love, right?

5. Make proper use of your fingers.

Correct use of your fingers can drive her crazy

Gently trace your fingertips all over her.

6. Try sliding your hands down to hold her butt.

Grab her butt

If you get the green signal, grab on a little tighter.

7. Yes, women sometimeslike a bit of gentle spanking.

gentle spanking

But make sure you don’t make her uncomfortable.

8. Why should the lips have all the fun?

Don’t just stick to the lips

Give a chance to her chest and tummy to be explored as well!

9. Maintain eye contact with her when going for the ride.

Look into her eyes while you are going down on her

Women find it irresistible.

10. Your lady’s most sensitive area is, guess what – her ear.

most sensitive area of your lady- The Ear

Let your lips do the magic as you kiss and bite gently on her earlobe.

11. Women love an easy access to their man’s backs to caress.

Lay on top of her

So, be on top of her as she loves a bit of weight on herself!

12. Let your thighs be up against her crotch while making out.

Put your thighs against her crotch

It turns her on a lot!

13. Women love a bit of dirty talking whispered into her ear.

Whisper dirty words into her ear

14. Find a wall and push her up against it, if she consents.

A wall can do wonders

She will love the pressure against her.

15. Just ask her what she wants you to do.

Ask her if she likes it and what she would want you to do more

You wanting to know her wants is one of the best feelings.

16. Trick her into thinking you’re going to touch her but resist.

Illude her

This teasing will leave her craving for more.

17. Don’t let her predict your next move.

Mix it up

Take her by surprise.

18. Her back shouldn’t be ignored.

Kiss her back

Slide down her back gently kissing and sucking on her skin.

19. Location matters!

The loacation counts as well

Spice things up and make out in the car.

20. Most importantly, don’t forget to tell her how beautiful she is.

And yes, look into her eyes and tell her she is beautiful

Love, care, and lovemaking, all are important.

Would you still say women are too difficult to comprehend?

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