According To New Research, This Type Of Man Gives The Best Orgasms

According To New Research, This Type Of Man Gives The Best Orgasms

The female orgasm is still a mystery to many. Some even believe it doesn’t exist. Thankfully, we don’t have to deal with that kind of ignorance for long as there are studies being conducted to study this much debated phenomenon. One of such studies has come to the conclusion, that for a woman to have the best kind of orgasms- neither her body, nor the man’s are of much importance. Instead, it is more about the man than his body.

And men with the following characteristics are undoubtedly the best when it comes to giving orgasms:

1. Sense of humor-

It is perhaps the worst hidden secrets that a guy can easily get a woman who’s much higher up on the league, provided he is funny enough. Women dig humorous men and it doesn’t come as a surprise that they would prove to be better lovers as well. Also people who can make light of any situation are also very good at noticing the little things, so that makes everything better still.

2. The creative types-

Do I even need to explain this point. Aren’t there enough women out there who are just throwing themselves on actors, dancers, singers and other creative types? This is because the plain old is boring, and a man who is creative with his workload, would also be a man of resources in the bedroom.

3. Sense of Warmth-

The guy who would be able to give a sense of security and coziness to a woman, would obviously be a guy with whom she would enjoy sex more. Feeling loved, appreciated and cared for are really great turn-ons. And if a man is kind and warm hearted that also implies he is not there simply for his own pleasure.

4. Commitment-

Now this might sound a little boring and absolutely the last thing conducive to wild crazy sex, women actually like men who are faithful. When they feel the guy’s commitment it automatically boosts up their libido because they know that they are treasured and wanted. They are better able to relax and enjoy the whole experience when they are with someone with whom they are absolutely comfortable with.

5. The aroma-

Smells are usually very powerful memory triggers. We associate a lot of our memories with the scent that we had around us at that point in time. Also, when a woman is really into a man, she’d pick up his scent anywhere. And it will be enough to drive her over the edge of passion to have that scent around her.

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