This Is What Your Underwear Reveals About Your Personality

This Is What Your Underwear Reveals About Your Personality

We all have a specific kind of underwear that we’ve chosen as the one which feels most comfortable. But did you know, your preference of underwear can reveal some of your dominant features?

This Is What Your Underwear Reveals About Your Personality

Here are 10 most commonly used types of underwear and the personality that goes with them. So, go ahead, find your match and get to know more about your personality!

The T-String.


Do you feel the most comfortable in T-String underwear? Then, you’re a person who isn’t afraid to be yourself! You’re a confident and independent woman. Only few can rock these underwears with the confidence that you possess!

The G-String.


If you like G-String underwear, then you’re a woman who knows balancing work and indulgence. You know how much to show and how much to hide.

The Thong.


If thongs are your thing, you’re a person who has unending motivation for success. A little discomfort is fine as far as you are moving towards your dream. Your ambitious nature makes you unique as you don’t fear going the extra mile.

The Tanga.


You’re a person who goes by simple traditions but has progressive thinking. Even though you believe in simplicity of life, your open-mindedness and honesty set you apart.

The Bikini.


If you’re a fan of bikini bottoms, you love being the fun-loving woman who’s always ready for adventures. Wearing bikinis under the clothes comes in handy when a sudden fun plan arises. Thus, you’re unafraid to show your true self and can balance playfulness and seriousness easily!

The Cheeky.


Are cheekies your preferred choice? You must be a person with an incredible sense of humor. You’re smart and sporty, and you love trying out new, fun things in life.

The Hipster.


You’re a person with many layers of personality. People are always in for a surprise as you present a different side of yourself to the table quite often. Your personality is full of surprises in the best way!

The Boyshorts.


You’re a woman who is always classy and a little bit sassy. You know how to have fun and be yourself. Your outgoing nature makes you likable. But you also know how to control it when required.

The Briefs.

Classic Brief

You like calmly focusing on the practicality of situationsinstead of panicking and making things worse. Since briefs are great at holding you in, you like comfort and functionality of things.

The High-waisted.


You’re a happy-go-lucky person who loves looking at the fun side of life. High-waisted underwear gives the comfort which reflects your personality. You don’t care about what others think, your happiness means the most to you.

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