For All The Men, Here Are 13 Ways How To Turn On Women In 10 Minutes

For All The Men, Here Are 13 Ways How To Turn On Women In 10 Minutes

So to start off with- NO UNNECESSARY PENIS PICTURES PLEASE! Trust me, they are useless.

You can be a total extrovert and still have a hard time being a beast in bed. She can be a sophisticated lady to the world but a freak in bed. Now let’s face it, this life is too short for boring sex. A lot of women find foreplay and the moments before sex more pleasuring than actual sex. It’s how you build up the heat that decides how amazing or bad the upcoming ride is going to be. We all know women are tough beings. Sometimes they don’t even know what they really want in bed until they get it and realize that this is what they were actually craving for.

So here we bring to you 13 ways to turn a woman on and get the most out of your pleasurable moments.

1. Don’t Rush

Don’t Rush

There is a reason why mankind is placed on the highest level of the animal kingdom. Only animals rush into direct intercourse. Take your time and touch her. When a woman’s body is touched it releases Oxytocin. This is one of the best ways to turn her on. The more you touch her, the more she’ll want to be touched by you.

2. Pay Attention To Her

Pay Attention To Her

Pay attention to what she says inside as well as outside the room. Women tend to reveal their sexual wants or at least give hints what they expect in bed. Half of your job gets done by noticing her actions and listening to her words.

3. Don’t Shy Away From Going Down On Her

Don’t Shy Away From Going Down On Her

Did you know that you can make a girl orgasm just by using your tongue? Yep. That’s true. Oral sex is one of the most effective methods of turning her on. If done correctly, she’s going to give you double the pleasure when it’s her turn.

4. Use Toys

Use Toys

Use sex toys and other stuff to heat things up in bed. This will awaken her naughty side and also make her believe that you are ready to try new things with her. That in itself is a turn on. So it’s a win-win situation right there, boy.

5. Whisper


Yes. You heard that right! Whispering has the instant ability to turn a woman on. Nibble in her ear and tell her the things you want to do her in bed. And now, watch her.

6. Take Charge

Take Charge

Women love men who can take charge and authority of actions, both- in bed and real life. Don’t be afraid to pin her against the wall. But yeah, make sure you have her consent otherwise it’s a criminal offense.

7. Massages


The right kind of massage at the right moment can release stress from her body and turn her on instantly.

8. Hugs From Behind

Hugs From Behind

1000 pictures on Tumblr, Instagram and everywhere else. Yes, women love it when they are embraced from behind. Hug her from behind surprisingly, and pull her close when she least expects it, maybe when she’s in the kitchen or maybe when she’s putting her make up on.

9. Neck Kisses

Neck Kisses

Never underestimate the capabilities of neck kisses. They hold the power to drive her insane. So make use of it. And take your time while doing so.

10. Do The Real Talk

Do The Real Talk

Actions might not be the only thing that can turn her on in bed. Sometimes you can make a woman crave for you in bed even when you’re not touching her. Focus on your gesture and way of speaking. Slow your words down and take moments to stare at her eyes and lips.

11. Soft Touches

Soft Touches

Sex isn’t only about being rough on the bed. Soft touches can do wonders too. Hold her hand, play with her hair or maybe give her forehead kisses. This will only make her want you more.

12. Surprise Her

Surprise Her

Surprise sex can sometimes turn out to be the best ones. It doesn’t always have to be in the bedroom. If it’s the right time and mood, start it in the kitchen or maybe in the bathroom. It just needs to be passionate and real.

13. Pull Her To You

Pull Her To You

The closer you’ll keep her to yourself, the more she’ll want you. Both emotionally and physically.

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