What Your Favourite Colour Says About Your Sex Life

What Your Favourite Colour Says About Your Sex Life

Even if you think you don’t technically have a favorite color, you have to have one you’re at least always drawn to, whether you realize it or not. From red to purple, check out what your favorite color says about your sex life!

1. Red:

You are mixture of romance and wildness. You are confident of your bedroom skills and even enjoy your own video.


2. Orange:

One-night stands are your things. Intimacy is not an issue for you. You like playing with a story and love getting into a character.


3. Yellow:

You expect too much from your love life and hence, never get enough. You judge a person’s bedroom skills by their character. For example, a sweet person should be gentle in bed.


4. Green:

You have your doubts about your sex-life. You want your partner to be open in bedroom and not pretend. Also, you want to be complimented during the intercourse.


5. Blue:

Although you prefer soft and gentle sex, you are always up for something new. Also, you are handling awkward situations.


6. Purple:

You like to play rough and fast. You love rocking your partner’s love life.


7. Pink:

Sex is not what interests you. Rather it’s the intimacy that love brings. For you, sex is a big deal.

8. Brown:

You love morning sex. The slow, sleepy sex with your groggy partner turns you on.


9. Black:

You like to get kinky. Teasing and being teased are fun to you. All types of sensory objects – blindfolds, feathers, ice, etc. are part of your game.


10. Grey:

You are all about – do it and leave it. That’s why you don’t invite people to your bed, because making them leave is more difficult.


11. White:

You pretend that slow sex is what you want, but in actual you are wild.


12. Neon colours:

You like fast but long intercourse. Lubrication and sex toys might be helpful for you.

Neon Colors

13. Pastel colours:

You expect so much from your partner that you are never satisfied and hence, end up alone.

Pastel Colors

14. Bold colours:

You want a submissive in your bed. You want them to do what you want to. Punishing doesn’t disturb you.

Bold Colors

15. Colour blind:

You are a surprise to your partner because you are totally another person on bed.

Color Blind

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