10 Secret Fears Most Men Never Talk About

10 Secret Fears Most Men Never Talk About

Do men have something to be scared about? Well – apparently society tells us ‘NO’. Media, society, and films have created a non-human ‘strong man’ archetype out of men – fearless, stoic and unhurt. But that’s not how men actually are.

Here are 10 secret fears most men never talk about.

1. Body image

1. Body image

The idea of a well-built man has been perpetuated by mainstream media and pop culture way too much. Men can’t ignore it. So, it is unfair to think that it is only women who face issues about their body image. Men are victims of this as well.

2. Money

Masculine ideas have spread the concept of men being the one earning the bread in the family. This has given rise to who think that it is only their responsibility to provide for the family. They are always going for a huge amount of money, otherwise, they shall not be well-respected enough. It doesn’t matter if they have a girlfriend or not – they feel compelled to earn that money.

3. Height

3. Height

This is once again one of the major issues that have risen from the way men are portrayed in the new age media. The total concept of an ideal man rests on the ‘preference’ that they should be tall and handsome, at least taller than their woman. Undoubtedly, this leads to a lot of self-esteem issues.

4. Jealousy

Men are also victims of the tight grips of jealousy. It is foolish to think that it is a womanly thing to be jealous. Most of the time, men find other men to be competitors. Even if your partner is having fun with another person, there’s a spark of competition going on between them. You just don’t see it.

5. Hair

5. Hair

Hair issues in men are widely overlooked. This is the reason why men just depend on their on-screen heroes and follow their hair routine. They always worry whether the hair on their body and their face are making them too wild, too childish, too old, or too macho to look at. Plus, balding is a constant fear.

6. Experience

Men try to determine their worth in terms of experiences. In terms of relationships, they’re often shy. This is especially true when they feel their partner has more experience than they do.

7. Relationships


Women’s magazines are always filled with articles to help them perfect their relationship. But men do not have the same luck. It is because of this that they never find any stable source of relationship advice. Thus, it leads to a source of never-ending worries.

8. Diet

Men are highly cautious about their body, just like any woman is. It is quite normal for them to be on a strict diet, but they are often unable to say that out loud, in case, they sound too girly. This silly thought often holds them back.

9. Past of Their Partner

It is not unusual for men to be worried about their partner’s past. It comes due to their competitive spirit – they want to compete with their partner’s ex too. But they should learn to keep the past as the past. They are the present – cherish it.

10. Emotional Expressions


The war-cry of ‘be a man’ has deemed simple human activities such as expressing inner turmoil and fear very un-manlike. This has become a restriction and a source of humiliation for an emotive man, forcing them to suppress their emotions no matter what.

It’s time to break the stereotypes against men too. They are human beings and like many of us, they face their fair share of problems. Bringing them out in the open and addressing them is the best way to deal with it.

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