If You Experience Any Of These 10 Signs You Are The Carrier Of Your Family Karma

If You Experience Any Of These 10 Signs You Are The Carrier Of Your Family Karma

Those who have attained the most spiritual growth in a family are burdened with the task of carrying the karma that is passed through the bloodline of their ancestors.

They will have to deal with “energetic blockages” which can be expressed in many ways.

10 signs you are the carrier of a family karma.

1. You have attained the most spiritual growth among your family members.
2. You sense that something sets you apart from them.
3. You find yourself in the middle of strange conversations about family issues quite a lot.
4. You can see the karmic pattern and you are ready to make a change.
5. You fall sick a lot and at times, you feel burdened with an enormous responsibility.
6. You are concerned about the negative effect of the karma on your family.
7. You are concerned that it will have a drastic effect on you.
8. You are worried about whether you’re giving out positive vibes.
9. There is a touch of superstition about you.
10. When you see your karma getting better, you struggle to stay calm.

How to cut the energetic cords?

In order to be free of these cords, you must first find a mental release. First, take a deep soul-searching glance within you to see how much your parent’s control you.

If you manage to release yourself from this control, you will be able to remove yourself from your family home.

Remember that by rejecting your parents’ worries and delusions, you are consciously separating them from those worries and delusions.

You are giving them the understanding that they too are like you, traveling through the universe with their own goals and desires.

Ways to transform your family’s energetic patterns

1. Figure out the patterns of behavior and do what you can to change them.
2. Attempt meditation so that you can search within yourself to see where the problem begins.
3. Take control of yourself and master your role as the carrier of karma.

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