10 Signs You’ve Actually Moved On From A Hurting Relationship

10 Signs You’ve Actually Moved On From A Hurting Relationship

When a relationship ends, you must have the courage to move forward and face the future. Most people fear what is waiting for them and as a result tend to look back and idolize their past.

If you can’t stop looking back and pondering about the ‘what ifs’, you won’t be able to have a great life. Instead, you should have the courage to let things go. Here is a list of 10 things that will make you realize whether you are on the path of recovering from your past toxic relationship or not:

1. You are free of resentment

It is imporntant that you do not hold any bitterness towards the person with whom you were involved.
You respect the mutual decision of splitting up because you know that the relationship was not working out for any of you.

2. You can forgive

This is not only applicable to your former partner, but also yourself.
You have realized that mistakes are an inseparable part of human lives and the best option is to live life happily and not to cling onto your faults.

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3. You are not afraid

You are neither afraid of your past nor of your future anymore. Now, you can bravely and boldly move towards your future. You know that there are possibilities and opportunities of a new love waiting for you.

4. You are in control

Being less concerned about what was and more concerned about what is. You are happy with your current self and you are able to respond boldly to emotional issues.

5. You have your self-esteem

It is obvious for a failed relationship to bruise your self-esteem and make you think low of yourself. But that was in the past. Now you have grown renewed self-confidence in you. You have finally understood your worth and the values you have to offer to the world.

6. You can trust again

From your past relationships you have learned many bitter lessons. But you know that everyone cannot be judged equally. You can trust again. You know that trusting is a process which will eventually give you things that you deserve.

7. You can love again

One or a few toxic relationships have not taken away your capacity to love. You still know how to love yourself and others. You know how to let go of the pain and prepare yourself for something new, something better.

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8. You are positive

Being positive doesn’t mean that you are naïve. It means that you are strong and you know that the world is full of opportunities. If you direct your desires in the right direction, you will get what you want. This will help you recover from a hurting relationship.

9. You can listen to your heart..

Listen to your heart and find what you love. You know what is suitable for you and you find happiness in doing what you like.

10. You can escape

Leaving all the tensions behind now you can escape to discover yourself and your purpose in life. You were unable to recognize your true self while you were involved in a hurting relationship, but now you are free. Take a step ahead and enjoy your freedom.

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