10 Things A Good Man Will Never Do

10 Things A Good Man Will Never Do

1. Α good man will never judge your looks

If he starts forcing you to make small adjustments (that over time get bigger and bigger) to your looks, then you know that he is not he one for you. He is trying to drop your self esteem down, and make you easier to handle.

2. A good man will not forget to respect your privacy

A good relationship will mean that there is nothing to hide, but it will also mean that your significant other trusts that you are not hiding something. Starting to search your phone, your e-mails, your social media, is a sign that says: run away!

3. A good man will never stop you from doing the things you want.

Encouragement is essential, even when your aim is far fetched. You don’t need a negative person telling you “You will not be able to do that anyway, why bother”!

4. A good man will not make you prove your value to him

If he is not smart enough to recognise it, if you feel like you have to prove yourself, you know immediately that this relationship is unhealthy.

5. A good man will not allow you to feel left out

Even though a relationship cannot be one’s whole life, it is for sure an important part of it. If he always makes you feel like you are the last thing on his mind, a last resort solution, you know that this is not where you should spend your time and energy. You deserve to be treated as a priority.

6. A good man will never let you feel like you’ re having a relationship by yourself

You need someone who understands the commitment a relationship requires. You need a partner, one who is present and willing to offer you all the attention you deserve.

7. A good man will not cheat.

If you believe in monogamy or not is irrelevant. If you have made an agreement, a decision for a monogamous relationship, you know that you will keep it. Nothing is acceptable without consent.

8. A good man will never show disrespect.

Putting you down is not something you will accept. The saying ‘a man of quality is not afraid of equality.’ exists for a reason!

9. A good man will not try to escape serious conversations

Α responsible and mature man will know that in a good relationship, any problem can be solved. Avoiding facing them is what ruins relationships.

10. A good man will under NO circumstances abuse yourself

Abuse is not just physical. It is emotional, psychological. What abuse always is, is unexpectable. You know that the other person wants to break you down, and with such a person there is no reason to share a relationship.

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