10 Fucks You Should Stop Giving – For all Women

10 Fucks You Should Stop Giving – For all Women

Strong women know how to live life lightly but at the same time with energy and passion. Read more to find their secret to life.

1. Don’t dwell on what others think about you

Strong women are well aware that people tend to find faults in everything. They don’t let others’ opinions color their thoughts and deeds.

2. Don’t worry about being 100% right all the time

Everyone slips up now and then and it is these mistakes that give us the experience we need to grow and learn. It’s alright to not be right always.

3. Don’t worry about living up to body stereotypes

It is important to keep yourself fit and eat healthy but don’t worry about conforming to the stereotypes society forces upon you.

4. Don’t worry about keeping up with fashion trends

Wear clothes that you feel comfortable and relaxed in. Just because society tries to make you feel that someone’s preferred fashion trend is important doesn’t mean that it actually is.

5. Don’t be afraid to be single or alone

It’s completely alright to be single. You need to be able to love yourself otherwise you will not be able to get away from unhealthy relationships.

6. Be yourself in the sack

Be the leader or the follower depending on what feels right to you. Do what you can to get the most out of the experience.

7. Don’t worry about fitting in the crowd

It takes more courage to be different and true to yourself than it does to be normal. Be the best version of yourself and appreciation will find you.

8. Don’t worry about social media popularity

We tend to let our lives revolve around social media, using it as an excuse to avoid actual social situations. Don’t be bothered about your fame on the internet because that’s not who you really are.

9. Don’t worry about wearing heels

If wearing heels is painful and uncomfortable, just throw them away. You don’t have to wear them to please others.

10. Don’t pay attention to gossip

Gossip is often false and vindictive. Strong women know that it is meaningless and prefer to be involved in insightful and enlightening discussions instead.

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