10 Things To Understand Before You Fall In Love With An Old Soul

10 Things To Understand Before You Fall In Love With An Old Soul

We have all fallen in love at some point of our lives. But when you fall in love for an old soul, things can be a little different. So here are the 10 things to understand about old soul and what your relationship would be if you fall for one.


Old souls have a thing for simplicity. For them stimulating conversations and experiences are far more important than expensive things. They would prefer their partner’s ‘time’ over their ‘credit cards’. Simplicity keeps them grounded and helps them connect with themselves. Hence, simplicity is who they are.

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You can’t believe how easy it is to impress an old soul. They can be impressed by an intimate conversation on a beach or in a tent somewhere in the hills. Extravagance is an issue with them because they would any day prefer a soul quenching conversation. Experiences excite them. So to impress them all you need is to keep it simple yet something they can connect with.


All of us need our ‘alone time’, to figure things out, to understand our own emotion and sometimes just to get away from the maddening crowds in our lives. This alone time and its importance is different for different people. For an old soul it is very important. They may decline an invitation or cancel a plan for their alone time. Though this may look rude at times its necessary to understand that, they need their alone time. this time helps them rejuvenate. It helps them connect with their inner self and spiritual path.


Old souls are big time dreamers. They daydream (like a lot). Though this can be annoying at times, they also need a partner to help them snap out of it. Don’t hold this against them. Dreams excite them. It inspires them, and it is a part of who they are.


Yes! They are romantics and they believe in love and everything that comes with it. But at times this belief ends up getting them hurt, because they start expecting too much from the relationship and their partner. They need a partner who can pull them out of their blue mood and make them see the beauty that lies in reality.

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Another thing that is very important to them. They like being comfortable in their own skin and surrounding. And do things that make them feel comfortable like reading or cooking or just lazing around in their sweatpants all day. It just might be the most random of things that make them feel comfortable but they are very dear to them. The cherry on the cake would be that they have a partner who understands this and appreciates it.

7. “FREEDOM” :

Old souls are free birds. They demand freedom. They don’t want anything stopping them from achieving their dreams and goals. Though they want a stable relationship but need their own space to grow and achieve whatever they want.


They do not follow the ‘herd and they have their own thoughts and views and want their life according to those views, and not according to the set standard of society. They do have philosophical views that find reflection in their relationships. So a partner who can understand this is a huge thumbs up.


Material things are definitely not on top of their list. Off course  a certain level of comfort in living is given but luxuries and lavishness does not really turn them on. They value meaningful conversations and new experiences any day over material things.


It is just that ‘feeling’ and they know. They are the type who will follow their gut and heart over their brain. They have strong intuition. Though this can be exciting for some partners, it can be daunting for some (specially someone trying to be sly).

If She Doesn’t Scare The Hell Out Of You, She’s Not The One

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits , the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes because the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do
Steve Jobs

Yes! They totally believe in this philosophy. They believe they can change the world. Set the wrongs right. Make a difference. Change the society and what not.They believe in an idea and they believe that they can make it a reality. So being and old soul or being in love with an old soul can truly change your life and give you a whole new perspective towards life!

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