10 Things You Don’t Know You’re Doing Because Of Your Alpha Personality

10 Things You Don’t Know You’re Doing Because Of Your Alpha Personality

Alphas are generally thought to be strong-willed, arrogant and really dominating. However it might not be entirely true!

These are 10 things that alphas do unknowingly:

1. You Cut to the Chase

You don’t waste time dancing around the point. Without caring for others’ feelings or opinions, you speak your mind. You don’t leave any room for confusion.

2. You are more concerned with what others do than what they say

When people say they will help you with something, you expect them to do it. However you trust a man’s actions more than his words.

3. You are Comfortable Being Alone

You enjoy spending time with yourself. You don’t need company around you all the time to have fun or feel validated. You enjoy the freedom that comes with being single a lot.

4. You Do What You Say You’ll Do

People can trust you and believe in you to get things done. Once you promise something, you always keep it. This makes you really reliable and trustworthy.

5. You Have a Small Circle of Friends

When it comes to friendships, you like having a close-knit group who will be there for each other always rather than a large loud gang. These few friends are very special to you and you like it that way.

6. You Enjoy Being With Yourself

As mentioned before, you like some alone time, away from the hustle and bustle. It’s very comforting to you.

7. You are Low Maintenance

You are not into high maintenance, rich lifestyle. You don’t have any fascination with high end brands and latest fashionable stuff. You buy what you need and want and don’t splurge.

8. You Don’t Feel Bored Easily

You have lot of dreams and goals that you want to achieve and therefore every waking hour you work to reach them. You don’t have any time to feel bored as you are always learning new things.

9. You are Your Own Soul mate

Alphas enjoy their own company so much and love themselves a lot, so usually they are not into dating. They would rather patiently wait for someone who accepts them for who they are.

10. People’s Opinion Doesn’t Matter to You

You are only concerned about how you feel about things. Others’ opinion about you means nothing to you.

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