11 Signs You Are A Being With A Highly Evolved Consciousness

11 Signs You Are A Being With A Highly Evolved Consciousness

Every being on this planet are interlinked with each other and have the ability to gain a more evolved consciousness. We might be at different levels in our spirituality meter but one always has the scope to reach higher and attain more bliss and peace. Humans are always learning and adapting which means there is no end to progress.

However you can understand how evolved your consciousness is by these 11 signs.

1. You believe we need to cooperate with one another

You realize that working together and cooperating with one another, despite whatever differences exist, is beneficial for the society.

2. You understand the phrase ‘we are all one’

You know that at the end of the day we are all together. We have all come from the same source.

3. You are rational and do not allow your ego to get in the way of anything

You don’t let negativity stop you from doing your best. It is not in your nature to ponder over arguments and scuffles when it comes to working for something good and helping others.

4. You always tell the truth

You are aware of the harm that lying can do to others and to this world so you absolutely avoid it.

5. You know the real value of life

You know how glorious the gift of life is. You appreciate and respect all living beings in this world and don’t harm them ever. You always reach out to people in need.

6. You take care of the environment

You know the importance of taking care of your surroundings. We have only one earth and so you try your best to keep it clean and healthy.

7. You do not believe in ‘ownership’

You always share with others and do not believe in hogging something entirely for yourself.

8. You do not fear lacking anything

Your link with your surroundings is so profound that you feel no fear of lacking what you need. You know that it will be taken care of and your well being will be ensured by the Universe.

9. You believe strongly in healing

You realize the importance of your body and mind’s need to heal and rejuvenate. If bad happens then you know it’s not punishment but a call for healing.

10. You work to guide others

You always have the best advices because you understand people and nature deeply. They come to you for guidance always and you never disappoint.

11. Competition is not a thing to you

You don’t stress over who comes first or who does something better. You just concentrate on yourself and keep working hard.

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