12 Things You Realize About Relationships Only When You Find The One

Relationships are not flowers and play – they are actually hard work. But what’s more important in a relationship is the learning experience that relationships bring – it makes people grow as human beings. Relationships change all our previous views of love and romance. A genuine relationship shows us who the right person is for our lives – teaches us some valuable lessons of what to find in a partner and in ourselves.

Here are 12 of those valuable lessons to realize when you find the one:

1. Genuine Relationship

1. Genuine Relationship

A person who’s in a genuine relationship with you and cares for you will not make you doubt their love for you. They would commit to you whenever you need the time and their support. If they are holding you up and focusing on their career more, then, the right time will never appear for them.

2. Being protective

If you have a genuine partner who loves you, then they will never leave your side for anything. They would not let anything come in contact with you that might make you unhappy or put you in a bad mood. Your well-being will be their priority and they will make you feel safe in any way they can.

3. More than Love

3. More than Love

Love is the beginning of a relationship but it is so much more. Love is just not enough. Relationships require sacrifice, compromise, patience, understanding, and a lot of work. The work is not only on the relationship but on yourself too – to make yourself the better version of what you are now.

4.  Learning what is love

We have been fed notions of love which are flawed. They have ruined our expectations. Whatever you have thought about love is wrong, and you need to be in a relationship to know more about it. True love is something completely different than what you believe it to be at this moment.

5. Forever ever after?

5. Forever ever after

There’s not always a spark when you meet ‘the one’. ‘The one’ isn’t really there, waiting for you, readymade. You can attach the term ‘forever’ with your relationships when you have been facing different challenges, many low moments and happy moments, together, as one.

6. Acceptance

People are not perfect – they are heavily flawed. And we have to learn to live with it. If you are with a person, you have to be committed to their flaws as well – their loud talking or nagging behaviour. It’s part of who they are and you should not try to change it to mould them into your vision of perfection.

7. No more pretending

7. No more pretending

We often tend to put on masks to appear as someone else other than who we actually are. It is our way of trying to impress our partners. But with a true lover, we do not need to pretend anything other than being our own selves. Being silly, being flawed, is completely okay since our loving partner would not make us feel unwanted for that. On the flip side, they can actually make us more confident about who we are.

8. Being apart

There might be times when you and your partner are taking some time out or being apart from one another. It’s totally fine, especially if you are with the right person. You won’t feel scared that they will go and do something stupid. You trust them and you don’t feel any threat to the relationship.

9. Arguments help

9. Arguments help

Every couple argues. After all, these are two different people coming together as one – there will be differences of opinion. But with the right person, even arguing can strengthen the relationship. It brings you two closer to each other.

10. Never going to give up

You are committed to staying with someone ‘forever’ and you know it. You don’t even think of giving up. There will be problems but whenever that happens, you both fight till your last breath together for staying together.

11. Fun times aren’t the whole affair

11. Fun times aren’t the whole affair

Relationships mean the beginning of fun times – a bit of cuddling and kissing, many date nights and surprises. They are all sweet and necessary but they don’t prove commitment – the ability to fight and bounce back from problems is the necessary part of all relationships.

12. Satisfaction

True love means being satisfied with yourself and with who you are. When you are in a true relationship, you don’t look at other people in search of other prospective mates – you have one and that’s all you need. There’s a sense of satisfaction with what you have, a relief that you have finally found what you have always wished for – ‘the ONE’.

Finding ‘the one’ is difficult, but the adventure is quite marvellous if you actually find them. All you need is a bit of faith and changing some pre-fed notions about love and the perfect partner. Get in touch with reality and you’re going to do great!

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