Catch Me If You Can: 12 Reasons To Date A Perpetually Single Girl

Catch Me If You Can: 12 Reasons To Date A Perpetually Single Girl

There’s always that one girl who always seems to have a boyfriend. Even if they don’t, they are just trying to reel in their next catch. Here’s a list of reasons why to date a perpetually (seemingly) single girl and why she makes the best girlfriend.

1. We are not always hankering for attention

While we would demand that you give us proper attention when it comes to important matters, we are not always seeking for attention.

2. We are bored with small talk

While other people may indulge in mindless chatter, we are very sophisticated when it comes to topics. Brainless chatter doesn’t impress us, we go deep.

3. We are used to functioning independently

While we would also be looking forward to your company, we never pine for attention. We are self-sufficient and can get our own work done.

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4. We always encourage you to spend time with people

We are not really clingy. Even we have a social life which exists beyond your presence. We don’t want you to become our sole reason for existence.

5. We want you to socialize without us

This at the extent of even meeting females in our absence. Freedom is not an issue with us. But we expect the same in return.

6. We always pay for things

Unlike other girls, we are not looking for a credit card in the form of a man. We are perfectly capable of paying for our own expenses. While we do appreciate gestures like flowers or treats, we are just as willing to pay for your dinner.

7. Our list of obsessive ex-boyfriends to burden you with

That’s that.

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8. We are very selective

If we decide to go out with you, it is because you fascinate us. There is something about you that draws us. Wouldn’t you like to be with someone who treats you differently.

9. We are selective because we are capable of being selective

We consider ourselves to be extremely special and are proud of the women we have grown into. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to handle us.

10. We give lots of space

In a relationship space is always a vital factor. We understand that there are times when you need lone time and we are absolutely cool with that.

11. Prying is not really our style

Building upon the fact that we always give you space, we do not pry into your affairs. If you show signs of torment then we would be concerned about you. However, we know our boundaries and if needed do abide by them.

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12. We respect privacy

Modern relationships are always dictated by mobile phones. However, if you keep your phone out of our relationship then I will keep out mine too. Rest assured that we won’t demand a periodic check of your phones or accounts, if you keep everything within limits.

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