12 Warning Signs Someone in Your Life Is Evil

12 Warning Signs Someone in Your Life Is Evil

People around us are not all good and kind. Some are dominated by their evil traits, their selfishness, apathy, cruelty guiding them to cause harm to others. They try to find the weakness in others and manipulate them. These people should be avoided at all cost.

These 12 signs show how to identify an evil person in your life and keep them away from you:

1. They like to deny reality

They turn a blind eye to truth and right and keep doing what their corrupted minds churn out.

2. They twist the facts

They manipulate the truth to suit their needs and wreak havoc in others’ lives.

3. They withhold information

They lie or don’t reveal important things to control the situation at hand. Their manipulative brains play with others.

4. They mislead people

They turn people against each other and feed them lies in order to control their lives.

5. They carry out not feel atrocious approximately the things they carry out

These people can go to any length to get what they want. Even if that includes hurting others, it won’t affect them. They take joy in seeing others in pain.

6. They are pathological liars

They can lie with a lot of ease. It’s almost second nature to them. They lie to mislead others, hurt others and gain what they want.

7. They refuse to take responsibility for their actions

They will never own up for the wrongs they do. They will always find some way or the other to shift the blame on an innocent and frame them to protect their back.

8. They have manipulative minds

These people are masterminds when it comes to manipulating others. They will control your life and you won’t be able to understand till it’s too late.

9. They are just- weather friends

They don’t care about you or respect you. They take your advantage and leave when their work is done.

10. They are control freaks

They impose their power upon you, making you feel weak and vulnerable. Extremely arrogant and devious, they treat you as puppets in their hands.

11. They lead double lives

Their entire existence is based on lies. They speak one lie to make up for another and therefore lead double-lives.

12. They ruin you time and scope

They destroy your chances of doing something positive with your life because of their petty goals. They fill your life with bad vibes.

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