13 Reasons Why Old Souls Struggle to Find Love

13 Reasons Why Old Souls Struggle to Find Love

Although no one truly has it easy when it comes to finding true love; yet old souls have a particularly hard time of it because they look for quite a few characteristics all of which cannot be found in a single person.

Here are 13 reasons behind their struggle of finding true love.

1. They look for genuine love in a world which is full of pretense and masks.

They want a partner with whom they can be their complete honest self and vice versa.

2. They seek more from their partner than just love.

They want to learn from them and for that the partner will have to be aware and knowledgeable themselves which is not as easy as it sounds.

3. Even though many people who need fixing find themselves attracted to old souls, they do not want to have any part in it.

Even though they might be capable of fixing another human they would not do it because they think it is not right.

4. They are very hard to understand because of their complex personalities.

And not everyone is capable of or willing to delve into their many layers.

5. They are not okay with the passive kind of love.

For them the only love that matters is which is all-consuming.

6. For them, their partner should be open to having their heart broken.

Only then can they be open to receive the kind of all consuming love that old souls believe in.

7. Old souls don’t just want commitment from their partner.

They also want to see it in their actions every day.

8. The kind of love that old souls believe in is not the one which is complete only when two people are together.

It is when they are both complete in themselves and come together to enhance each other’s life.

9. Old souls don’t need just any kind of love.

They need spiritual oneness and love, the kind which happens when twin souls unite.

10. Old souls do not really enjoy or look forward to dating.

And the reason is that they do not come across other old souls during dating. The cause and the effect seem to spur each other on in this cycle.

11. Old souls feel everything much more intensely than most other people.

If they have suffered in love before it would be much harder for them to move on now.

12. For old souls, sex is one of the parts of a relationship.

Sex is not the entire focus of why they decide to be with someone.

13. Old souls happen to be free spirits and only another free spirit can give them the kind of love they look for.

Love which will allow them to grow and not restrict them.

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