14 Signs You’re In A Relationship With An Old Soul

14 Signs You’re In A Relationship With An Old Soul

There are times in our lives when we feel extremely connected to some people. Strange as it may seem we fall short of logical explanations to justify how we’ve felt like we’ve known them all along.

And yet we can mysteriously sense some life changing events about to occur in our lives.

These souls come into our life spontaneously and stay with us for years or maybe lifetimes. Regardless of age, gender and race they create ripples in our lives, profound in nature, with their wise and gentle gestures.

If you’ve ever felt connected to such a soul you’ve been touched by an Old Soul.

What is an Old Soul?

An Old Soul is a natural born sage, mystic and counsellor. Much ahead of their age, the Old Soul sees things differently and is extremely wise right from childhood. An Old Soul experiences a deep sense of interconnectedness with life and guides others serving as a pillar itself.

Are you in a Relationship with an Old Soul?

If you realise you’re in touch with an Old Soul do not take its energies for granted. Take time to express your gratitude for the guidance and wisdom that this person brings into your life.

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Read on to find if you’re in a relationship with an Old Soul.

1. They are homebodies.

An Old Soul is rather homebound than interested in outdoor activities. They like spending time at home stimulating their mind in its richness and vastness.

2. They thrive in solitude.

Old Souls value solitude for it allows delving deeper into the core of life and its meaning. They choose to remain silent by themselves while reading a book or tending to the garden.

3. They don’t expect big grandiose displays of love from you – they love the little things.

An Old Soul understands the transience of life and everything related to it. So they value the little things and do not care about grand gestures to express love.

4. They’re often eccentric.

Old Souls are different from others in terms of mannerisms fashion sense perspectives and beliefs. They see through social conditioning right from a tender age and become distinctly different from others around them.

5. They must be able to connect with you on a profound level.

Old souls must be able to connect to you in a deeper sense so as to share profound feelings and experiences. Only then is the bonding real.

6. They teach you many important lessons in life.

Old Souls teach you values ranging from gratitude to empathy to acceptance over resistance.

7. They are there for you when you need them the most.

They stand by you through thick and thin. It is their calm presence that helps you to overcome tumults and darkness.

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8. They have an antique and elegant taste in sensuality.

Old Souls are not generally romantic in nature. But they are extremely sensitive. Their idea of romance expresses itself through gentle and symbolic gestures rather than lustful actions.

9. They do not play games.

Old Souls stay away from drama. They do not play hard to get and definitely do not enjoy “the chase”. They give respect and expect the same.

10. They are brutally honest when necessary.

Old Souls do not shy away from brutal honesty. They believe honesty is the foundation of an important relationship and feel the need to express their thoughts and feelings.

11. They sometimes come across as blasé or indifferent.

Old Souls do not worry a lot about situations as they believe in their transience. They do not feel emotions as extremely as you do. They have a balanced outlook towards everything in life.

12. They give freedom but also expect freedom in return.

Being in a relationship with an Old Soul gives you extreme freedom to do the things you like. It also means you give the same amount of freedom to them which they require. Old Souls aren’t clingy or possessive.

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13. Their love is often unconditional . . . but they won’t be used.

Old Souls will love you unconditionally as they can see the real person that you are. However they won’t allow for self-sabotage. They will not give into your selfish behaviour.

14. They inspire you to be a better person.

Old Souls constantly help you grow as a person. If your partner is an Old Soul they will leave you a better version of yourself.

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