15 Life Struggles Of Women Who Are Naturally Loud

15 Life Struggles Of Women Who Are Naturally Loud

Many women I know are quiet and innocent. While I respect their politeness, I can’t help but live my life at maximum volume. It’s part of my genetic makeup.

But sometimes it can be a struggle. Here’s why:

1) People tell me to shut up!

Growing in school I was consistently told to “Keep it down!. It’s something I’m so used to hearing that I don’t even flinch anymore. Yes, I’m loud. So what!

2) Speak to myself? Wtf does that mean!

People tell me to speak quietly with myself. The idea that people talk to themselves is insane. I prefer to get my words out, you know, to other people!

3) People say i’m angry.

No, I’m not angry or upset, I’m passionate. Stop confusing my excitement for anger.

4) Or they think I’m a bitch.

Suddenly because I speak with a loud voice, I’m a bitch? Stop mistaking my voice volume for my emotions. Actually listen to what I’m saying.

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6) True, I am also passionate in the bedroom.

It’s not secret that I love being passionate and excited. And guess what? it’s no different when it comes to the bedroom.

7) Yes, I like to talk a lot.

I’m a chatty person and I can turn any boring conversation into laughter and excitement.

8) I don’t know how to whisper?

True, I like to get my words out there! No holding back! If you want to tell me a secret, it’s best we go somewhere completely private.

9) Everyone knows when I’ve arrived.

I make a big entrance to parties with my loudness. That’s why we go to parties for, right?

10) Movie theaters are difficult.

I can’t help it. I love to laugh and have fun when I watch movies!

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11) We make shy people scared.

I don’t mean to terrify them. I just want to get know them. Sorry if you feel like I’m shouting in conversation.

12) My laugh might be annoying to some.

I laugh loud and proud. Boring people can be easily intimidated.

13) I scare some people.

I’m not trying to intimidate you. Just have fun with me, I don’t hurt.

14) I don’t know my own voice volume, okay?!

When I think I’m talking normally, people say i’m shouting. What the hell!

15) How am I meant to lower my voice?

I have no idea how to whisper. When I try I go way too far and nobody understands what I’m trying to say.

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