15 Signs She’s A Keeper And You Should Stop F*cking With Her

15 Signs She’s A Keeper And You Should Stop F*cking With Her

1. If you are her priority always, even though she might not be yours.

You need to start replying to her the moment she reaches out to you, like she does for you.

2. If she’s been nothing but understanding and kind,

..even though on occasions you did things that deserves neither.

3. No matter how many times you cancel on her, she’s always ready to see you.

And she’s always happy and excited about it as well. She doesn’t hold it against you the times you didn’t fulfill your promise.

4. If she’s always putting all the effort in your relationship even when you are not even putting half.

She is ready to balance the scales which you so easily disrupt without a second thought.

5. If she’s not willing to stoop as low as you.

She knows that you are playing her and yet she is dignified enough to not do the same to you.

6. When she always gives you her time and attention, even though you don’t do the same to her.

You only go to her when you’re bored whereas she always makes time for you even if she’s busy.

7. If she always stands her ground no matter how you behave.

Whether you are sweet to her or salty, she doesn’t turn away from you.

8. When she still believes in you and us ready to give you a chance

when you have clearly done everything to not deserve any.

9. When all she cares about is you being happy.

Even though most of the things that you do, consciously or unconsciously are to hurt her.

10. If she always puts in efforts to give you surprises and such so that you’d be happy.

Whereas the only surprises you’ve given her are the nasty kind, like when you forgot her birthday.

11. When she considers you as the exclusive dating option,

even though you might not even have taken her on a nice date yet. And even though you don’t treat her as such.

12. If she’s making an effort into making your life easier,

and doing things that would make both of you happier together, even though you never explicitly asked her to do so.

13. If you know, that no matter what you do, she’d be right there when you need her whereas nothing of the sorts could be said for you.

Firstly, she wouldn’t have asked for it, and if she did you let her down.

14. If she has, on multiple occasions told you that she loves you

and yet you never said it, or intend to say it to her.

15. And most of all, if you know very well that she’s out of your league and deserves someone better

and yet she is ready to wait for you.

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