15 Things All Badass, Fearless Alpha-Women Do Differently From Other Types Of Women

15 Things All Badass, Fearless Alpha-Women Do Differently From Other Types Of Women

“Here’s to strong women.
May we know them,
may we be them,
may we raise them.”

We all hope to be strong and to surround ourselves with other women who empower us and bring us up. Read on to learn how great alpha-women actually are!

1. They are always seeking out new adventures.

It doesn’t matter if they are married or single, young or experienced, they are always open to newer escapades, ideas and trips. For them, experimenting and enjoying every bit of their lives is a priority.

2. Alpha women are frank, confident and assertive.

They aren’t the kind of women who could be reluctant to voice their opinions, stand up for themselves or others or get what they want.

3. Their confidence reflects in their characters.

They know they aren’t perfect and the acceptance of their imperfections with the necessity to improve themselves packs them with the confidence they show.

4. These women don’t need someone to complete them but complement them.

While they are absolutely fine being single, they don’t venture out to a relationship that completes them but don’t shy from one that could add happiness to their already happy lives.

5. They let go of the past but learn from it.

They always make it a priority to learn from their past mistakes but don’t live in their past. Instead, they focus on the present to work for a better future.

6. Alpha women draw boundaries.

They determine boundaries on their bodies, beliefs and space and do not allow others to violate any.

7. They walk away from negative relationships.

Whether it’s a romantic relationship or a family bond, they move on when they realize its time.

8. Intimacy is a need and they satiate it.

They know physical intimacy cannot be made up by phone calls, texts or social media posts.

9. They are opportunists who know what’s best for them.

Every step they take is a quest to get better opportunities for themselves.

10. Those women reveal genuine emotions.

They do not believe in revealing over-dramatic reactions to situations. They keep it short, simple and realistic.

11. Those women don’t worship fame.

They worship what’s real and don’t hanker behind celebrities.

12. They are unapologetically themselves.

They don’t believe in feigning to be someone they are not. Always standing by their opinions and know what’s best for themselves.

13. Alpha women are survivors not victims.

They don’t let people or circumstances victimize them. With their strong sense of control, they turn negative life events to lessons.

14. They are of the opinion that their bodies and minds are investments.

They know they’ll reap the benefits of what they sow and thereby take efforts to be happier and more successful.

15. They don’t react – they act.

In spite of numerous regrets, they believe in just doing it.

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