20 Things To Do When You’re 30 That Will Make Your Life Better At 50

20 Things To Do When You’re 30 That Will Make Your Life Better At 50

1. Don’t smoke.

Don’t smoke.

This is fairly self-explanatory. Stop smoking before the ravages of the habit take its toll on your body.

2. Do Away With Junk Food

Stop eating crap.

Start eating healthy once you hit 30. Your body will thank you for it in later years. So avoid the fast food.

3. Repair Your Relationships

Maintain (or repair) relationships

By age 30, you have a good idea of who you are as a person and you have finally gotten over the learning curve of youth, which means your relationship with your family may be complicated. Trust your future self to love you for fixing up these relations before you yourself become uncomfortably aware of your parents’ advancing age.

4. Use Sunblock

Stop going out in the sun without sunblock

Use your sunblock if you don’t want early wrinkles and damaged skin later on.

5. Stay Fit

Exercise regularly

Exercise and have an active lifestyle. It’s not about bulking up but staying fit.

6. Save Up for a Rainy Day

Start saving money

Even if it’s small amounts, get into the habit of keeping something away in a ‘piggybank’ early on.

7. Being Content is Being Happy

Learn to be content with what you have

While it’s not a bad thing to be ambitious but start building it into your character to also be happy with what you have and you will be a lot more satisfied for it. Sometimes it’s the little things that actually matter.

8. Follow your Dreams

Don’t delay pursuing your life goals

Time will speed up in your 30s, if you have dreams. There is no better time than now to start pursuing them. Don’t go down the road of regrets.

9. Fix your Sleep Cycle

Get some sleep

Get used to fixing the biological clock in your body that you no doubt abused in your 20s. Keep a fixed pattern for sleeping.

10. Look after your Teeth for that winning smile

Take care of your teeth

Tooth problems get worse with age and you can trust middle aged people when they say they would give anything not to have to see the dentist so many times at their age.

11. Experiences count more than Objects

Collect memories instead of things

Travel if you want, or try and have refreshing experiences. You will value the memories you walk away with a lot more than any material possessions.

12. The Joy of Giving

Give something back

Join a volunteer program or do your bit to make the world around you a better place. It’s always good to give back and now is as good a time as any.

13. Challenge yourself

Be curious and do one thing that scares you every day

Challenge yourself to try something new like a big adventure and take risks with yourself. As clichéd as it may sound, there is no end for a person to getting to know themselves.

14. Become a Bookworm

Read at least 10 books a year

There is so much to learn out there in the world and they say a book can be your best friend. Start off with reading 10 books a year.

15. Travel

Travel. As much as possible, whenever you can

You’re out to make memories already, what better way than travelling?

16. Meditation is good for the Soul

Learn to meditate

Try to achieve some inner peace by learning to meditate.

17. Get Comfortable in your own skin

Do you?

Throw pretense to the winds and stop trying to impress others. The pretense won’t last long.

18. Leave a Record of yourself

Keep a journal

Keep a journal or a diary. You will lose memories over time; this is not just a way for you to remember but also for your loved ones to remember you.

19. Buy a House

Become a homeowner

Invest in real estate now it will pay dividends by the time you hit 50.

20. Keep your Friendships Alive

Take care of your friends

Some would say that friends are what make existence bearable. Don’t lose yours.

Leave this article with this little thought. Life is short; live it up before it’s too late. Also remember, it’s never too late to start.

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