5 Reasons Your Break Up Is A Beautiful Thing

5 Reasons Your Break Up Is A Beautiful Thing

The title could appear surprising, not the process of realising it. Our general perception holds that a break up is always tormenting. We ought to grieve the departure of someone from our lives. We are expected to be sad about it. But what if we stop mourning and look at the positive side of a break up? Every experience in our lives teach us a new lesson. They help us to grow and so does a break up. A break up is going to hurt. There is no denying to that fact.

However, one must accept it and move on. Looking at the perks of something, helps us to easily accept it. If you look back on time, you would know how much things have changed for the better now. Never forget certain things about yourself and your break up!

1) The reason you broke up-

If your relationship wasn’t working anymore then it was a good decision that you broke up. Love does not have to be excruciating to exist. If pain and anguish is a constant factor in your relationship then you must quit it. You don’t necessarily have to suffer to be in a relationship.

2) Accept your newer and better self-

As a relationship teaches us many things, so does a break up. It teaches us that you are not after all a weak person. You are strong enough to bid farewell to someone and welcome your singlehood. You’ll learn that you ought to love yourself first. Only then you shall be able to give yourself to others. It is yourself that you are going to date now. And believe me when I say it, it is going to be a wonderful experience. Treat yourself to movies and lunches. Dress up and look pretty. Not for anyone else, but for yourself.

3) Now you have got extra time-

Being in a relationship is time consuming. How much you may deny the fact for the sake of love, it is true. Your commitment needs investment of time. Now that you are free, you can have more time to yourself. You can have a lot of ‘me time’ to arrange yourself in a better way.

4) You’ll meet someone else-

It is a narrow approach towards life if we keep thinking that who left us was ‘the one. The world is a pretty big place and if you keep looking, you’ll find someone better. You have to give life another chance. And a way to do that is to start dating again.

5) You are happy. Don’t worry about that-

Every time you think of getting back with your ex, start recollecting the woes in your relationship. Those late night fights and worries about your partner, drained you of all your energy. Was he or she really worth that much time?

Breaking up with someone, opens up new possibilities for yourself. You can explore yourself in a new way. Know yourself and love yourself anew. Breaking up with someone teaches you how to cope with your emotional shortcomings. You grow in that way. You become more mature towards life.

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