5 Signs You’re More Successful Than You Think!

5 Signs You’re More Successful Than You Think!

There are many ways to look at success – a career, a degree, or a marriage. But success is really what you make it, in your own terms and with your own rules, right? Well, this is true in some respects, but I believe there really is a criterion that shows what success means.

I do know one thing, success is not about how much money you have in the bank. Success is also not about being the best singer, actor or writer either. There is so much more to this word, this definition, more than just materialistic notions. For the most part, success is satisfaction. Read on to understand the full spectrum of what it means to be content, happy and full of life.

1) You can let things go

One of the true measures of success is your ability to not hold grudge. Although it’s tempting to stay mad, it’s not the mature choice. You must be able to recognize which things matter and which things are just too petty to hold on to. Let it go, then grow. This is the meaning of being truly satisfied.

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2) Change is no longer difficult

When I was younger, say in my twenties, I guess, I was stuck to my own ways. I hated change, it made me tremble with fear. When I grew older, I started to accept that some things may never go my way, and some things had to change. It was difficult, but when I learned to flow with the changes, I felt successful at living a good life.

3) You are attaining goals

If you are starting to see fruition from what you have invested in over the years, then you are successful. This is the first level of reaping what you have sown. Enjoy this time, and make sure to tie up more loose ends. The more goals you reach, the more success will be a pleasure to get used to.

4) You no longer complain as much

You find you are a success when you stop complaining about the little things. You no longer have the desire to fight about unmet expectations, and you let small issues slide. Arguing is stressful and you know that, and if you can not complain, then you are getting somewhere.

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5) You can handle failures

Another indication that you are becoming successful is your ability to handle failures. You can’t win everything, all the time, and being able to lose and still smile is a sign of success in life’s lessons.

Satisfaction is many things. To be successful is to be content with lie itself!

IT’s not about money, riches or fame. The true measure of success lies within the measure of the man. Are you able to take life as it comes and still stand tall? If so, you are one of the most successful people alive. Enjoy life and don’t be so hard on yourself. You really don’t know how successful you really are. You might be more successful than you think!

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