How To Tell If You’ve Walked This Earth before – 5 Signs You’re Reincarnated

How To Tell If You’ve Walked This Earth before – 5 Signs You’re Reincarnated

While we don’t talk about reincarnation a lot, it definitely happens to many of us. No one can be sure of where they will go once they die. This idea is prevalent worldwide from Australian tribes to Hindu tenets in India to Native American beliefs. There are a few ways in which you can find out if you’ve lived past lives.

We experience Déjà Vu

Many of us have experienced that feeling when it’s like we’ve already been there in that place at that moment but we don’t know how or why it happens. Scientific theories point to neurological dissonance, other theories to parallel universes.
However, it could very well be a reminder of your past life if you’re experiencing it with strangers and strange locations.

We have dreams

If we have lived past lives, the latent memories can cause us to have vivid dreams that leave us feeling completely disoriented.
This is very plausible as our subconsciousness has even the memories of your infancy stored away and is quite capable of storing knowledge that predates that.

We have bizarre memories

While we are young, we tend to see and feel things adults miss which may be because they’re connected to who we used to be.
There have been cases of children solving mysteries and murders from their past lives. We can still look back in the past before the memories of our current life take over.

We have odd fears and phobias

You might face some irrational and crippling fears with no evident reason for them. It could very well be a chemical imbalance in your mind, or it could be more.
You might be instinctively reacting to something that had a negative or life-threatening impact on you in a past life.

We sometimes have strong intuitions

We might find ourselves able to predict something almost intuitively.
We might be reaching out to older connections that can’t be cut even by death.

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