5 Things A Narcissist Will Never Do

5 Things A Narcissist Will Never Do

Narcissists. You know how they act, you know what they look like. This kind of toxic behavior is exactly what you should try to protect yourself from.

1.A narcissist will not allow you to feel safe

They will make you need them, depend on them, so you can never feel safe in your own company. It gives them strength to make you doubt everything you know about your life.

2. They are not straight forward

It is very tiring to talk to someone who never speaks the truth directly. A narcissist will avoid answering straight when confronted, and will drive you over the edge.

3. A narcissist doesn’t listen

They don’t care about being good listeners, and respecting others’ needs. They want to be the centre of attention, and to do that, they don’t care about anyone else.

4. They don’t do anything for free

In order to offer something, they always want to get something in return. Selfishness doesn’t allow them to want to help and give without gaining something.

5. A narcissist doesn’t offer apologies

They think they are always right – apologizing would mean to admit that, sometimes, they are not. And this would be a huge blow to their selfishness.

When you notice these behaviors, be warned that such people are dangerous for you. Protect yourself!

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