6 Habits Of Highly Miserable And Unhappy People

6 Habits Of Highly Miserable And Unhappy People

Misery, as a state of mind, can quickly become a habit, if we allow all the bad things in life to put us down. These habits show that someone has chosen unhappiness as a way of life.

They victimise themselves

Every story they narrate, everything they experience, has them in the position of the victim. This is often just a matter of perspective, and it just takes a bit of willingness to change this, in order to understand situations otherwise.

They complain all the time

Miserable people love to talk about how bad their life is, all the time, to anyone who is willing to hear (and to many people who are not).

They are afraid of being criticised

As they spend such a large part of their life worrying, they are aware of the fact that they may be annoying for a lot of people. Therefore, they know that criticism may come, and they are terrified to face it.

Τhey gossip a lot

As they don’t like their own lives too much, miserable people tend to spend a long time talking about the lives of others. Not always with good intentions.

They adore the drama

They like to somehow be in the centre of attention, to spice up things in their lives, in order to forget their miseries. The result is not always very good.

They cannot easily trust others

Unhappy people have a hard time trusting their fellow human beings, and this leads to an isolation that is an important factor of their mental state.

If you see yourself in some of these attributes, watch this video and start to rethink your life!

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