6 Struggles Of Letting Someone Into Your Life After Years Of Being Single

6 Struggles Of Letting Someone Into Your Life After Years Of Being Single

Being single has its merits, its freedom that, when you get used to it, it is not so easy to let it go. Therefore, there are the main struggles you will have to deal with, when you start a new relationship after getting used to being single.

1.You don’t want to let anyone in your bed.

Admit it: sleeping alone is so damn comfortable. You can spread, toss and turn, drool, sleep any way you like. When there is someone next to you, you have second thoughts even while sleeping.

2. You don’t like him paying for everything.

You have been self sufficient for so many years, and you enjoy knowing that you dont need anybody. So why doesn’t he ever let you pay?

3. You don’t want to share all of your plans.

Do you really need to explain what you are doing every single day?
You don’t want to have someone you need to say every plan you have to.

4. It bothers you when he leaves stuff in your place.

He will start sleeping over, and it makes sense that he will want to leave stuff behind, so he doesn’t have to carry his toothbrush, his razors, his underwear around. However, it still pisses you off to see stuff all around your personal space.

5. You like your alone time.

You don’t want to see him every day. There are things you enjoy way more than being with him, and you are not willing to let them go, in order to make room for him.

6. It is challenging to confide in him when having a bad day.

Trust takes time to build. In a new relationship, it is not easy to start right away confiding in him, especially when you need someone you absolutely trust, in order to discuss something that is troubling you.


If you start getting over these struggles, however, opening up to a new person can be liberating, even more so than being yourself. It just takes time and effort!

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