6 Things Introverts Simply Do Not Enjoy

6 Things Introverts Simply Do Not Enjoy

Each person has their own feelings toward social interactions, and need to be respected for their needs. Introverts are people who handle certain occasions in a specific way, and they don’t like to be treated in the following ways…

1. Small talk

We hate forcing conversations that aren’t flowing – no one really cares about small talk. Small talk is one of the worst kinds of fake sociality, and we cannot help being aware of it.

2. Crowds

We may survive them, when we are in a concert or in the theatre, but it is not our favorite thing. It creates a tension that we prefer to avoid.

3. The telephone

Talking on the phone is often not so pleasant, but for introverts is a mere nightmare – it involves quite a lot of small talk, and awkward silences. We can just avoid them altogether!

4. Social gatherings

People can survive on their own – you don’t always need to be with someone in order to feel good. We understand it more than anyone, and we cannot stand social gatherings that aren’t necessary.

5. Noise

Background noise is very integrated in our lives. People turn on the television or the radio in order to just avoid silence. Introverts hate this kind of noise for the sake of noise, and appreciate the joy of simple silence.

6. Hearing that we are “too quiet”

Why is this bad? We think too much, we don’t feel the need to fill the silence, therefore, we speak only when necessary. This is how we are comfortable, and it shouldn’t be something negative.

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