6 Ways To Understand That You Are Talking To A Psychopath

6 Ways To Understand That You Are Talking To A Psychopath

About 1 per cent of the global population falls under the psychiatric category of the “psychopath“, so it is not so hard to meet one. This is how you can understand it in time, and avoid pointless arguments.

1.Full of lies and excuses

We all have the right to mess up sometimes, but psychopaths use excuses all the time, in order to avoid admitting that they cannot see their promises through. You will constantly understand that they are hiding the truth very carefully.

2. Patronizing tone

You will feel like they are constantly condescending you, almost making fun of you, by patronizing your tone and keeping a “I-am-so-cool” face while you speak, sniding.

3. Hypocrisy

When the argument gets intense, they will start accusing you of things that are their own flaws and problems, moving beyond mere projection. They are aware of what they are doing, and it is what makes them more dangerous.

4. Multiple personalities

They have elements of a bipolar : they can change their behavior so quickly, that they make you feel like you are dealing with different personalities at each point.

5. Victimisation

They act like they are always the victim. Instead of confronting situations head-on, they tend to chose to play the victim, and claim that everybody is against them, in order to avoid responsibility.

6. The need to explain basic human feelings

When talking to them, they force you to feel like you have to explain to them how to be proper human beings. Common sense is inexistent, and you feel like rules that regulate human behavior, and feelings that connect people, are something unknown to them.


When you start noticing these signs, it is best if you get away as fast as possible..

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