7 Habits That Will Completely Destroy Your Relationship

7 Habits That Will Completely Destroy Your Relationship

Relationships are complicated and seldom easy. You might have fallen in love at first sight, but that is where fate stops being helpful. After that you have a rocky road ahead, but if you have found the person who is worth the trouble you wouldn’t mind the hardships. But still, everyone needs help on how to best handle their relationship. So if you don’t want to cause any hurt unknowingly, avoid the following habits like the bubonic plague.

These 7 habits could ruin your relationship you may not realize you are doing:

1. Always being critical of them-


Every human can do with a little appreciation now and then. And especially your partner has a right to expect support from you and not 24/7 judgments about how they could have done things different. Your words have a direct impact on their self esteem so use them carefully.

2. If you can only focus on the negative-

If you can only focus on the negative

If you are someone who can just never see the bright side of things, at least try that this doesn’t become the definitive behavior of your relationship. Too much negativity is harmful and toxic and you can’t really blame them if they’d want to stay away from all those downers.

3. Not being responsible in the money matters-

When you are in a relationship, the money and budgeting is a combined effort. Don’t splurge when you know the rent is due next week. You will have to be financially aware of the funds of your relationship.

4. It is about equal input-

It is about equal input

A relationship where only one of the partners does all the running around is not a happy one. Be sure that you pull your weight across and shrug off that laziness. Just because your partner is happy to do your work for you, doesn’t mean you’d exploit them.

5. Ignoring the problems-

Ignoring the problems

If you are only a fair weather companion then obviously you cannot hope for a lasting and happy relationship. You need to be there for your partner in all the good times as well as bad.

6. If you are overly selfish-

Again, the relationship is about two people. So the needs of both of them need to be put into consideration. If you only worry about your own wants and ignore those of your partner, then they would rightfully be hurt, and pissed. Make sure there is a healthy balance between both the partners’ wants and needs being fulfilled.

7. Always harping about your problems in front of others-

Talking about the problems of a relationship to outsiders is a sure shot way of speeding things towards the end. However this doesn’t mean that you don’t open up even if you are being abused.

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