7 Reasons Why The Blunt Friend Is The Best Friend You’ll Ever Have

7 Reasons Why The Blunt Friend Is The Best Friend You’ll Ever Have

If you are sociable, there are friends you have, and then there are blunt friends.

1. Your blunt friend will never indulge in nonsense talk.

The biggest perks of being friends with a blunt person, is that they are always direct in their approach. When you hear it coming from them, you can absolutely count on the authenticity of the information in question. The best part about them is that they never indulge in talking behind your back. If you know anyone like that in your friend circle, chances are that you are one of those who don’t get on their nerve, or that you are a blunt person yourself.

2. They will tell you the truth at any cost

While we all expect others to be honest with us, the truth might sometimes be painful. The high standard of truth of a blunt person often ensures that you know the whole truth and nothing else. However, be warned that you may not always hear things to your liking and there maybe unpleasant things that reach your ears. The best part about this honesty is that there are hardly any issues between you that build up and explode.

3. No passive-aggressive games

It isn’t in a blunt person to play passive-aggressive games with you. Given that most of your friends would probably lie about how they truly feel or make you feel insecure, your blunt friend is well, blunt. Your blunt friend understands that nobody got time for bullshit.

4. Blunt people have high moral standards

There is often a misconception with blunt people, that they are crude in their manners and hence lack morals. The truth however, is that they appear to be blunt because they have an exact idea of what right and wrong is without forgetting the grey area in between. Their bluntness is just a method to tackle the world’s dishonest ways.

5. Blunt people make the most funniest of companions

If you have a blunt person as a friend, you would surely be a testimony to the fact that they are an extremely funny lot. If you ever happen to have a night out with your blunt friend, rest assured that it will be your most unforgettable night.

6. A blunt friend would always give you lessons in friendship and expression

Blunt people show you that it is absolutely fine to stand up for your beliefs. There is no reason to hold them back thinking that other people may not like them. Blunt people teach you the golden rule that others may not like it but what’s the point of being alive if not for the freedom of expression?

7. There is no purer friendship than with a blunt person

The greatest perk of having a blunt person as your friend is that either they are with you through thick and thin or not at all. They tend to support you through everything and never take you for granted.

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