7 Reasons You Should Spend One Year Being Completely Single

7 Reasons You Should Spend One Year Being Completely Single

We always hear the expression “live while you’re young”, but perhaps we need to rephrase this to “live while you’re single.”

The truth is being single doesn’t last forever and it could be the most liberating time of your life. Just as you’re only young once, you need to be single at least once too. Here’s why:

1. Find your true self.

The most important relationship in your life is with yourself. If you don’t spend time alone looking inward and reflecting on who you are a person, how can you really know who you are?

2. Work out what you want in a relationship.

Once you understand who you are, you can work out what you really want for your future. If a guy isn’t conducive to your future hopes and goals, then you can forget them.

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3. There’s more to life than relationships.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our significant other that we forget the countless other things that make life worthwhile. Your career, your friends, your family, the wonders of the universe around you, the list goes on and on!

4. Learn how to look after yourself.

Why would you ever want to be dependent on another human being? By being alone, you’ll learn how to be independent.

5. If you’re forever single, you’ll be okay.

What’s going to happen if you break up with the love of your life? If you haven’t spent time alone, you might think that your world has literally ended. But it hasn’t and your stint being single will let you know that.

6. Learn to believe in yourself.

Don’t let a man define you. By spending time alone you will recognize what a beautiful and competent human being you really are.

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7. You’re not afraid of being single.

If you’re afraid of being single, you can become clingy and needy which are recipes for disaster. If you know you can survive alone, you’ll never be afraid of being single again.

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