Here Are 7 Things Worriers Can’t Stop Thinking About

Here Are 7 Things Worriers Can’t Stop Thinking About

Worriers think too much about things they probably shouldn’t. I worry all the time, and it even causes insomnia and loss of appetite.

Okay, I step into this topic with trepidation. Why? Because this topic about thinking to much makes me think even more-I mean worry, didn’t I say that? I can’t remember because I’ve been analyzing my thoughts all day long, and sometimes I get mixed up. Do you know what I mean?

I worry. I worry about anything and everything all the time. Will I get my work done, will I make everyone happy in the process and will I leave a legacy for my loved ones when I’m gone? Yep, I mix that in there too. My mind is always churning and this means I’m always worrying, stressing and trying to figure out what to have to dinner as well!

There Are Just Some Things You Should Never Talk About!

Want to know what we think about when we really get going? Yes, there’s more, much more. Like I said, we worry all the time. And frankly, I’m tired of worrying about these things.

My best friend

I’m going to start with this one because I’ve had trouble getting in touch with my best friend lately. Usually, after about three calls, she calls me back. I’ve called her five times and she has yet to return that call. I left her messages on social media too, and got nothing. I’m worried about this.

I’m scared that she doesn’t see me as her best friend anymore, or that maybe my recent decisions have caused her to pull away. Either way, it makes my stomach turn to think about how she may have abandoned me. Yeah, I don’t want to think about these things.

My boyfriend’s authenticity

Okay, he seems okay to me, but maybe, just maybe, he’s lying about everything. I wonder if he’s hiding things from me, like his past or whether he’s as loyal as he says he is. I see inconsistencies sometimes, and this make me worry more. I can’t ask him about it for the 15th time, because then I will be untrusting…. but I still think it, and therefore, I worry. Whew, that one was exhausting just telling you about it.

My honesty

I don’t lie, for the most part, but sometimes, I fail. You know what, I worry about whether I’m telling the whole truth. I pride myself on being genuine, but then again, I find fault in some areas of my tale telling. I often wonder if people believe me when I know I’m telling the truth. I worry about whether my actions are matching the words coming out of my mouth. Did I mention, I worry too much?

Why Overthinking Destroys Your Sleep


I am absolutely the worst about taking selfies. I take hundreds of selfies a week, just to find the perfect picture for my profile. Then, even after I post the new profile pic, I worry if it’s worthy of my social media page. I analyze my expression: is it too sexy, is it too angry? Am I smiling enough, am I smiling too big? Have I lost my mind??? Listen, I spend an hour sometimes, just posting a picture that I’m semi-proud of. This is definitely a problem.


I worry about aging, and yet I can’t stop it. I am spiritual, but I still think about dying all the time and how I will grow old. IN the back of my mind, I have this fantasy that I will never age. I look in the mirror and combat each sag and line with the latest anti-aging creams and tonics. Does it work? Not as much as I would like it to, but it helps quell the worry for a moment. Especially when I pretend those creams and tonics magically washed away the horror of middle age.

Choices and Decisions

You can worry about one decision as opposed to the other, but eventually, you must pick one because in most cases, you cannot go both ways. You cannot take a nap and eat dinner at the same time, and neither can you be in a relationship with two different people…. well, not for long anyway. The point is, decision making is one of the hardest things to do, and I worry about it sometimes, unti la decision is made for me. IT’s my cowardly way out, I think.


One of the worst things to worry about is money. Not knowing if you will have enough to pay your bills can drive you crazy, especially if you don’t have a way to earn more money-meaning fixed income, of course. I worry about having enough food, about how much the electricity bill will be and I certainly worry about paying the rent. But worrying won’t put money in your pocket, I get that.

Hyper-Analyzing Causes The Biggest Problems

I really must stop doing things this way!

Worriers worry about some of the most ridiculous things, I know this. But, on the other hand, I understand, and I worry too. IT’s as if we are experiencing a completely different life with perspectives greatly enhanced and filled with stress.

But I want to improve on this. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life worrying about which selfie is the best one for social media, and I don’t’ want to always think my boyfriend is lying to me. I know that these things are damaging, and therefore, I will always strive to spend just little less time in the mirror and a little less time analyzing each and every situation in life.

I will just…Live!

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