8 Signs You’re Stuck In A Toxic Relationship With A Narcissistic Man

8 Signs You’re Stuck In A Toxic Relationship With A Narcissistic Man

Being in love with someone who adores him/herself is pretty fine. It just proves that they are well are well aware of their worth. It also, sort of, emits a positive aura from them. However, one should know where to draw a line. Being in a romantic relationship with a suffering from narcissistic personality disorder man can be quite a challenge and might also drive you crazy after a point of time. Sometimes, we are so overwhelmed with the concept of being in love that we tend to overlook some serious follies in our relationship just because we do not want to lose the person. Well it’s absolutely fine to try and save your relationship but it isn’t fine to look past all the toxic things about your relationship. It just means you are fooling yourself.

Here are the 8 signs which shall help you know if you are one of those girls who are stuck in a toxic relationship with a narcissistic man:

1-They don’t know how to take criticism

A narcissistic man is terrible at taking criticisms, even if they are constructive ones. He just cannot tolerate being told that he can be wrong about something. Have you ever seen your partner getting triggered if you suggest a better place to visit or if your opinion makes more sense than theirs? If yes then take the warning.

2-They never accept their faults

If you’re the only one who is always apologizing even when it isn’t your fault, just to save the relationship then please know that you’re stuck in a toxic relationship. They’d rather end the relationship than apologize. Relationships are meant for two people to work on. A narcissistic man will never take authority of his actions because according to him, he can never be wrong.

3-They consider themselves entitled

They automatically assume that everything that’s good in the world. If your partner doesn’t appreciate you for doing the little things for him just because he thinks he deserves it anyway, then you’re stuck with a narcissist.

4-They break rules

Well, it’s good to be a rebel but only when it’s for a cause. They break rules just because they want to and don’t care if it hurts you.

5-They’ll put it all on your shoulder

A narcissistic man knows how to make you feel miserable just because he wants to feel good about himself. He won’t think twice before making you feel like trash. It boosts his ego.


They will always talk you into doing things and if you still don’t agree to them, they’ll use the technique of emotional manipulation. They always want things to be their way.

7-All about them

For them, they are the centre of the universe and everyone who be revolving around them. They can’t see beyond themselves.

8-Superficial to the core

They do not respect emotions. This is why they don’t even think twice before lying about emotions and faking them just to use it for their benefit.

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