8 Things You Don’t Know You’re Doing Because You’re An Overthinker

8 Things You Don’t Know You’re Doing Because You’re An Overthinker

Do you think you’re an overthinker? Did you think about the last question for a long time? Overthinking can be a blessing in difficult situations but maybe a curse sometimes.

1. You find meaning in everything

Did you spend more than a minute analysing about the stranger that made eye contact with you?
If your answers are yes, you are an over-thinker, because according to you everything has a reason and you need to know it.

2. You think more than you do

Whatever you try to do, you spend so much time analysing and planning it that at the end, there’s no time to do anything. Although you wanted to do your best, you cannot bring it out because the thinking tired you.
Try to stick to one option no matter how much you want to think about other options.

3. You get excited when you solve a problem

You think so much that when you get to a conclusion, relief hits you in the form of immense happiness. Maybe a problem that is difficult but you solved it easily.

4. You can’t just let things go

As mentioned in 1st point, everything has a reason for you. And you get so determined to find that reason that you attach to it till you find the reason and cannot ignore it, until you find it.

5. You’re always seeking new information

New information reenergises you for even more information. You love reading, no matter what the content is.

6. You hate small-talk

Deep conversations satisfy you because they give you reason. Rather than knowing what the other person ate, you are interested in knowing why.

7. You constantly analyse people

Everyone has a different story and you want to know each one of them. You want to know the reason of someone’s behaviour or habits.

8. You enjoy activities that calm your mind

Since, overthinking tires your brain, anything that calms your mind and rejuvenates it makes you happy and relax.

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