9 Characteristics Of A Truly Strong Woman

9 Characteristics Of A Truly Strong Woman

It is hard to overlook a strong and independent woman. Even though physical beauty is the most sought after trait by men in the opposite sex, the Femme Fatale is incomplete with that aura of complete control. Here are 9 characteristics found in a woman who makes all the heads turn.

  1. They don’t seek attention-

    Even though almost everybody notices them almost immediately. Off course they do nothing to ask for this attention and they are not looking for anyone’s approval.

  2. They laugh and love life-

    These women believe in the healing power of laughter. They would always look for the silver lining even in a bleak situation and laughter is the easiest way to deal with miseries.

  3. Their life, their rules-

    They take charge of their own life and would never allow anybody else to make their decisions for them. This also means that they are not afraid of accepting their mistakes and learning from them.

  4. Their emotional as well as intellectual capabilities are commendable-

    They are in sync with their emotional state and rarely get run over by berserk mood swings. At the same time they believe in constantly working on their intelligence and could always be found reading books or doing other such things to expand their mental horizons.

  5. They have exemplary communication skills-

    They are capable of articulating their thoughts and emotions well and don’t hold back. At the same time they give importance to the other person’s woes too and are good listeners.

  6. They have embraced their Passion-

    Strong women are committed to working for what they believe in. They won’t give up on their hobbies or career too easily.

  7. They believe in themselves-

    These women are the embodiment of self confidence and therefore don’t need any external validation.

  8. They don’t live in the past-

    Strong women have developed the mental strength to move on from the past and focus on their present.

  9. They are not apathetic-

    Interestingly, they are full of empathy and even though they won’t intrude; they are always ready to provide help and support.

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